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February 7th, 2007  
Originally Posted by senojekips
So true! Unfortunate but true.
Except in the case of the Japanese who came second, but have a completely different version of the War taught in their schools. No mention of atrocities like the Rape of Nanking or the Bataan Death March etc.
I've often wondered why the Japanese were allowed more latitude in that regard than the Germans were in regards to how they did the Jews of Europe.
February 7th, 2007  
Freyberg failed to realise that the struggle for Crete turned on the local battle for Maleme airfield. Like the British staff he was focussed on a sea invasion. Perhaps Norway should have taught them differently?
September 1st, 2007  
I would say Monty for the whole Operation Market Garden Fiasco.
September 12th, 2007  
Originally Posted by Josh678
I would say Monty for the whole Operation Market Garden Fiasco.

i would call it a gamble more than a fiasco

and a worthy gamble if it could've shortened the war.

problem was, they disregarded vital intelligence, and it all fell apart.

so you're still left with monty being good at what he did, and IMHO, he was over rated, but no where near the worst commander
September 14th, 2007  
Market Garden was a gamble that failed and turned into a fiasco.

Although the intelligence was bad, the plan itself was deeply poorly though through and executed. For example, it relied on using one sole highway which was heavily defended. Had they used multiple routes of advance they might have quickly flank the German strongpoints.

Another problem was the plan to mix American Airborne with British Armor. The formula of the 101st Airborne and the U.S 2nd Armored Division had proven to be an excellent combo in Normandy. But in Market-Garden the 101st and the British Guards Armored Division (Part of XXX Corps) had never worked together before and it head to some very awkward situations.

BTW the Anniversery of Market-Garden is Monday...
October 10th, 2007  
I think if we would've used the 2nd Armor with the 101st Airbourne it would've been a good operation.Also you must rember Patton had a plan to break through the Siegfried line which I think would've actually ended the war by Christmas.
December 13th, 2007  
It was Patton that kept pushing in the south and taking away troops and supplies from the north that gave the Russians so much more of Eastern Germany than they should taken. These actions by Patton handed most of Germany to the Russians on a plate, Patton like many of the generals of the day where looking towards their own achievements rather than at the bigger picture
December 13th, 2007  
Pale Rider
Originally Posted by Gator
Well, the quote I pulled was Copyrighted to the United States Army.

United States Army people may tend to have a more favorable view in hindsight when dealing with United States Army Commanders.
History is written by the Victors after all.
Not this treadhead, Patton was nothing more than a prema donna who took risks and made decisions that cost alot of lives. His biggest blunder was helping in the decision to use the Sherman series tanks when he knew very well that it did not stand a chance with the German tanks, he traded speed over crew protection and firepower.
September 17th, 2008  
The worst commanders in history could fill a football stadium. but the first two that come to mind are Colonel Custer of Little Bighorn fame and Lord Cardigan of Balaclava fame. Then there is General Braddock of the French and Indian wars. Of course there is also John de Warenne's incredibly stupid move which allowed William Wallace to kill his men who were trapped on Cambuskenneth Bridge near Stirling Castle. This could go on forever so I will say Custer. For the worst commander of WW2, I have to pick General Percival of Singapore fame. He got suckered by a panicky Japanese Commander by the name of Yamashita. My second choice for worst in WW2 is General Fredendall of North Africa fame or is it infamy.

After much after thought I must add some other Military DoDo's to this list. General Lucas of Anzio infamy, General Rudolfo Graziani of North African infamy, General Jurgen Von Arnim who's Motto should have been I'll outdo Rommel even if I must get half my men killed to do it. Actually I'm being unfair. Arnim did good work in Russia and later made the Allies pay dearly in Tunisia.
December 10th, 2008  
One of the worst commanders has to be General Douglas Haig. During the Anglo Boer War he ordered troops across open ground to attack well dug in Boers.

During the latter part of WW1, Haig was advised to change his tactics as Britain was rapidly running out of men.

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