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January 11th, 2005  

Topic: worlds military

Ok i am asking this.......not to start a fight so please respect my question...........

With all this talk of super powers, ruling and best ..........who are the top 5 best military's................

I don't mean looks cus i know the brits have that on a role lol (lil humour)

I mean offically stated who are the top??

and not personal opinions pls cus that would kick a stonk up. Lets see if we can have an adult convo with adult the fighting lol
January 11th, 2005  
Can only chose one, am I supposed to chose the one that should be the top one?
January 11th, 2005  

I am not Sure But i think i am Supposed to give my List of 5 counties which i think deserve tpo be in the Top 5 Millitary Powers in the World ............So here goes my List
  1. USA - Good equipement, and Good War experience, Most WMD, Best Technology
  2. Russia - Second largest pile of WMD,Big Army, Next-to-Best Technology
  3. China - 2nd largest army, Decent equipments,, and lots of souls to sacrifice , Powerful Govt Control
  4. Britain --Great Navy, Good Air Forse, Decent technology.
  5. France - Same as Bratain
  6. India - Big army, Decent Technology, Land big enough not to get wiped out.
  7. Japan - Great Tech , Small Defencive Army.
  8. Isreal - Great Tech, Survival Attitude , War Experience
  9. N Korea - Powerful Government Control , A big Army.

I mean offically stated who are the top??

and not personal opinions pls
I am Confused there a Official List? .................i don't think so has to be Openion ...

January 11th, 2005  
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