World War I, Victory Medals

December 11th, 2014  

Topic: World War I, Victory Medals

Hi, I just published a book (2014) on the Victory medal. It covers the U.S. history of the U.S. Victory Medal from 1919 to 2014. The book has illustrations covering all 17 different types of the U.S. Victory medal, (Original issues, reproductions, foreign imports and fakes of the U.S. Victory medals). I also cover and illustrate all 19 Army clasps (bars), all 19 Navy and Marines Corps clasps (bars) and at least 40+ different types of reproduction and fake clasps from the U.S. made to the foreign made (Battle, Service, Duty and Campaign clasps).
There are also over 120 full illustrations (front and reverse sides) of each of the foreign Victory medals. This section also covers all original issue, repros and fakes medals of each of these countries: Brazil, Belgium, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, France Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Siam, Romania, UK, South Africa.
There is a photo of the bottom of J.J. Pershing's medal which has a stamp "U.S.M. 5" on its rim.

Sold only on and/or amazon.UK. michels victory

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