World War One Canteen on Omaha Beach? - Page 5

February 15th, 2006  
Originally Posted by MightyMacbeth
that would be awesome if there were some Napoleonic equipment and stuff..
There's a few places you can go to find musket balls and stuff and they're still turning up muskets in secret caches the odd time when they re-furbish old houses but you turn that stuff in to the local government (unless you find it in your house). They found 3 muskets hidden in the thatch of a cottage they were re-thatching near here a year or so ago (first re-thatch in about 200 years). My friend still has a lot of the stuff his great-great-great-great grandfather was using during the Napoleonic wars (sword, hat, belt)(his pops was an officer). Musket balls and canister shot and cannon balls and that type of stuff you can keep if you find them and you have the permission of the farmer to be looking on his land.
February 15th, 2006  
thats awesome!

wish I can get to see and take some