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November 22nd, 2013  
Originally Posted by VDKMS
When you look at Bush's face when he heard the news then you know it was not a conspiracy.
>Dismissing any and all evidence presented because of George Bush's face

Right because that's a valid reason to win the 9/11 debate...
November 22nd, 2013  
Originally Posted by MontyB
The reality is that you want to believe it was a conspiracy which makes what anyone says an irrelevance but I will tell you now that the physics of what they say does not add up, further to that in events of this magnitude the first 24 hours reports are mostly hysterical nonsense made by confused and stressed people that you can not base anything off.

What's next you want us to believe that Bush and Cheney were diabolical genius's who can plan and enact something like this and get away with it and that all of of the countless thousands of people involved in making it happen would stay silent about it.
Now I never implied that Bush had complete power over this operation. There were many who had something to gain from an invasion of Iraq and this gave them a valid reason to do so. Also what do you mean by the physics don't add up?

-Thousands of demolition experts have come forth and said that the buildings could not have collapsed the way they did given the official story
-Traces of thermite was found in the rubble at ground zero
-Building 7 should not have collapsed at all, at least not immediately and especially not in the exact same way that the larger towers did
-The official story given to us would have us believe that a Boeing 747 crashed into the Pentagon when there is no evidence to suggest that it did
-There was next to no debris at the site of the alleged crash of the plane headed for the Capitol Building
-We were told that three of the black boxes at the towers did not survive the crash but apparently one of the hijacker's passports did (Black Boxes are built to withstand extreme amounts of damage)
-The official story concluded that flaming jet fuel weakened the steel beams inside of the towers allowing it to fall when that jet fuel couldn't have burned hotter than 800 degrees Celsius at the most
-When digging up rubble the firefighters were put under constant surveillance by the FBI and were ordered to stop when they started to dig too far
-The missing gold
-The only camera that could have provided any clear visual proof that it was indeed a plane that crashed into the Pentagon was taken by the FBI and never released to the public.
-The official story would have us believe that several phone calls were made from the planes by the passengers via their cell phones which would have been nearly physically impossible for cell phones back then.

And finally my personal favorite:

-The CIA had dealings with Osama Bin Laden prior to the attacks, listing him as: Tim Osman in their files. He was a CIA asset

Are you really still gonna go with the official story?

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