Workers on strike at Russian arms factory

November 13th, 2010  

Topic: Workers on strike at Russian arms factory

Work stopped at a 'Izhmash' plant since November 8th

Workers at 'Izhevsk Weapons Factory' notified their management that production will stop until they receive all wages owed to them.

"We have been working without pay for 4 months. We wrote to the Prosecutor's Office. Those in government know all this, and do nothing. We don't know what else to do.", told worker Vladimir Kuznetsov to 'Udmurtia' TV channel.

"How long will they keep promising us? They tell us a sum. Today came to the factory 10 million (rubles). Such and such production floors will be paid today. So, those people start working. Everything rolls on, but in the end of the work day, still nobody is paid.", said worker Natalia Kosareva.

The representatives for the strikers can't say exactly how many workers support their action. But the number is no less than 100. The protesters explain that their patience ran out at the beginning of November, when they were finally given the advances for July, 2 to 3 thousand rubles ($80-100) each.
According to organizers, the protest action does not have a time limit. The strikers promise to only resume their work after they've been fully paid.

Alisa Zvonkaya for Argumenti in Izhevsk
This is not good. We are talking about Russia's main arms production center here, Izhevsk. If other factories take example from this, whole industry could be disrupted...
November 13th, 2010  
A Can of Man
Damn, I thought Russia was now beyond all this.
November 13th, 2010  
Not good. It seems no where is safe from all these cuts that have been made because of the recession. Hope those factory workers find some money soon.

Unless of course they have but refuse to give it? The article didn't really say.
November 14th, 2010  
Such a shame! They spent several hundred million dollars on reconstruction of Ministry of defense and can't pay salaries to workers. The farther from Moscow - the larger sums of money are 'disappearing' in bureaucrats' pockets.

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