Women in army and deployed in combat units

November 26th, 2004  

Topic: Women in army and deployed in combat units

What are your opinions about women in army and specially women deployed in combat troops?

IMO women don't fit any infantry or combat unit. They are physically too weak and they don't fit in unit with men.

I don't know about women in world's different armies and i have only experiences about women soldiers in finnish army where about 60% of them quit (luckily) in quite short time and the rest of them remaining cause only problems to men in the same unit. If men have to carry women's gears on marches and in training because women just cant carry their own equipments and slow down entire unit's movements, does that means women's suitable for service?

Israel defence forces had bad experiments about women in army and those problems have been also investigated and some results of that kind of investigations have been found by google with "women in combat".

Israelis found that if there are women soldiers in the same unit with men, so men rather protect women than accomplish the unit's mission. Also killed or wounded women soldiers do bad for unit's morale and so does the competition between men to get women's attention.

How about women soldiers captured by enemy? Think about what will happen to them very quickly and sure? 8)
November 27th, 2004  
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