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April 3rd, 2005  
13th, stay on topic please.
April 4th, 2005  
Originally Posted by chewie_nz
just really having trouble understanding why having a female pres would be a bad thing...
There is a certain degree of fear for what has never been done before, but for the most part, America just hasn't seen an electable woman run President yet. Neither the Republican nor the Democratic Parties have produced a woman politician that they believed had a strong chance of winning, so neither has bothered betting on the idea. Why bet on the horse that you believe can't win? As close as I can think of was Walter Mondale's running mate in 1984. Sure, its only a Vice Presidential candidate, but it was more than had ever been tried to that point. I can't remember her name offhand.

I think it would be extremely healthy for Americans who might fear this particular unknown to be forced to get over it. We have a new situation in America: There is one woman in each party that probably has a better shot at winning than any other member of their party. (Colin Powell might make a stronger running than Rice ... its hard to tell.)

chewie_nz, has there ever been a woman elected to the highest position in the New Zealand government out of curiosity? I know that there are a lot of nations out there that have done it. Heck, even Pakistan!
April 4th, 2005  
well chewie do remember that sparta had females involved in politics way before NZ was even discovered

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