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January 12th, 2005  
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Originally Posted by gibbs
No good news has come out of it IMO. Coalition needed a reason to test out new weapons or something? lol
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I seriously hope that was a joke. If it was, it was in very bad taste. There a few veterans of Iraq, including myself, here at the forum. That statement is a bit offensive. We are not there to "test" weapons.

We have had a debate on the forum as to if Iraq is being covered fairly. A majority said that the bad stuff makes the news. I was over in Iraq and I can tell you that is the case. For every bad event that is posted on the news, there are at least 7 good things that are happening. Bad news sells

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I agree that if the religious groups stay out the elections, the elections will fail. Religion is huge over there. I hope that even if the elections go smoothly, there are no problems. Some religious cleric could cry foul and get more martyrs for the cause. If bad things do happen over there, I may be headed to Iraq early

January 12th, 2005  
i think the invasion was unjustified, because anybody would point out that rooting out sadam for his government and his policies would have to be :
1st: passed by and allowed by UN
2nd: why invade now?? now bush felt the reason was rite??

however, it was good because it changed alot of the iraqi inefficiency and bad areas in terms of humanity and policies

i think the iraqi insurgents are going to win the war somehow, because you can never root out gurella warefare unless comprimice or peace is made