November 27th, 2010  
Marko Papic, Stratfor’s analyst for European affairs, declared of the Irish financial crisis (November 22, emphasis mine):
For Germany the bailout is another opportunity …. The uncertainty about the eurozone and its markets means that the euro is trading lower, which helps German exports immensely. Furthermore, Germany is using the opportunity presented by the crisis to redesign the European Union and its institutions—especially eurozone fiscal rules and the enforcement mechanisms for those rules. The real test for the eurozone therefore is not the panic level in Madrid or Lisbon or Dublin, but rather the extent to which the policymakers in Berlin are concerned.
It is not by accident that the economies of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are failing, risking spread of the contagion to other weaker European nations. It is a direct result of Germany’s imposition of its single currency scheme for Europe!
Sir Richard Body, in his book The Breakdown of Europe, clearly articulates German intentions behind the monetary union scheme for the European Union:
The objective of a single currency in the European Union … is to integrate formally and irrevocably all the economies of the member states. They will be merged into a single economy under the control of a single authority that will be (de facto if not de jure) a government.
Thus, the true intent behind the European Monetary Union is to consolidate control by a single entity over all European economies. The grave danger in all this is contained in economist Maynard Keynes’s observation that “Whoever controls the currency controls the government.”
Sir Richard further comments that as the Germanic single currency project matures, “A concentration of power over 350 million people will pass into the hands of a few … the few will be the directors of the [European] central bank.”
Ever wonder why the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt, Germany, not Brussels as are the other centralized bureau of the EU?
Dr. Walther Funk, Hitler’s economic affairs minister, planned to have Berlin impose fixed rates of exchange in European countries. Such a plan would work against the growth of other European economies while allowing the Continent’s strongest economy, Germany, to become ever richer, selling its manufactured goods on ever more favorable terms.
German elites have, in reality, imposed the Nazi vision of Dr. Funk on the modern-day economies of the European Union, and it is having exactly the results that he envisioned!
Europe’s sovereign debt crisis is simply taking that old Nazi vision one step further. As Marko Papic so rightly states, it is creating the opportunity for Germany to entirely reshape the European Union to its will.

But hey...I'm sure it will all work out for the benefit of world peace!
since the world has become to wise. Since Man is too smart to repeat the Horrors of the past. since..Democracy rules the day!
You people are right, I really need to just calm down and not pay so much attention to all the superstitious nonsence offered by religion.
afterall, the U.N. will make sure that Neither Germany, Russia,China,Pakistan,North Korea or any other Rogue nation causes any trouble. And even if they do,America will ALWAYS be able to confront them aye? Suuuuuure!!
by the way...who started this thread and why do any of you bother to pay attention to it if it is of no consequence?

November 28th, 2010  
What the world needs is more humble geniuses. We are so few left
November 28th, 2010  
Originally Posted by GHR
What the world needs is more humble geniuses. We are so few left
I know what you mean mate.....

p.s. Very nice avatar, did you shoot that one yourself?
November 28th, 2010  
Korean Seaboy
Ditto to everything Ted said
November 28th, 2010  
No unfortunately. My skills in photography is somewhat curtailed. It´s an official Army press photo which may be used freely.
January 5th, 2011  

Topic: only 3 directions

Let us suppose that you can only choose between 3 direcitons:

The first is National Sozialism
The second is communism
The third (my favorite) is the conservative clerical fascism

Which way will you choose? And there are no other ways.
January 6th, 2011  
National Socialism and Clerical fascism is totalitarian in their structure and it was not the original idea behind Communism. But it became totalitarian eventually.

Communism was started by Étienne Cabets who in the 1840s in his book, Voyage a Icarie, described a communist society. He tested communism in 1848, where he bought some land in Texas, with 500 to 600 others and they lived by his communist ideas.

Communism is actually based on ideas, including in antiquity by Plato and by Thomas More. Many will say that Karl Marx is the father of communism, but not really. It was Marx, who along with Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto, and put a large mark on communism, but it was really Étinne Cabets which described the ideology behind communism. So if we define communism from Étienne Cabets original thoughts and ideas, then I prefer communism.
January 9th, 2011  
this thread is retarded. White european account for 8% of the world's population and in 100 years that number will go down to 2%. The NAZIs lost their chance and won't have another one. I just don't see EU taking over the world right now let alone Germany doing it by it self.
January 9th, 2011  
I think, Germany could be a superpower yet. But it does not claim to be one.
January 10th, 2011  
What about the East? The Power house that China for instance has become over the years in terms of economy and education ( in urban areas at least) is beginning to surpass the U.S. on average test scores in Mathematics, Reading skills(in some areas) and Science.

If Germany was to "rise" again, and I say rise as in today's world the term of "rise" seems to hold a slight different meaning.

Rising by contest of arms alone may not be as effect as rising with a lead in economic progress, access to material resources and a lead in education over your adversaries, add all the fuels and the fire of the right place at the right time and maybe Germany Can rise again.

But world empire, just seems to inefficient to maintain, at least history has taught us this, no large empire has ever truly survived indefinitely, one down side at least is, well everybody knows where you are for one which has often led to undoings there unto itself.

As for GHR's comment, Let's hope that changes one day, the world today seems full of people like me ready to mouth off and rattle on, yet without a thread of thought of what came before us, especially when talking about what to do next.

A quest for praise can blind the direction of an entire country, especially when sought by the ones at the reins.

When the room is filled people like that, all you can hear is every individual yelling their opinion and only concerned about voicing a self indulged thought on change,which then nothing ever does.

The only true good deed done, is the one done that the doer does without telling anyone about.:/

Now I am ranting....

Thats my opinion however, not a research paper, Just wanted to state that if you must decide to shoot it full of holes.