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April 26th, 2011  
Originally Posted by LeMask
Why would a man join the Marines rather than the national guard? There is always someone to impress in the story, and it's probably a girl.

All of you Marines out there. Admit it.
You have only joined the Marine Corps to get some p****.

The man must have a twin brother, it is impossible for one man to be so stupid!
April 26th, 2011  
Come on GHR, some units have more prestige than others...

Even in the civilian world, there is more kick to say "I work for Total. And I make tons of money..." than to say "I clean plates in some restaurant. And I get paid 10bucks an hour."

Even in the Marine they say "the few the proud." It's all about prestige... Social status.

Ask a bunch of girls and ask them if they want to have a date with a Marine or a guy from the national guard and dare to tell me that you will get a 50/50.
Have you been to Israel recently? They speak about their military units like we speak about our university...

And we are talking about motivation here. Why would someone join the FFL? why would someone do anything?

Why do you eat? why do you clean yourself? why do you read books? To survive? just to survive? Hell no...

To be a better man. Why do you want to be a better man? To not end up crushed by the competition. Other men. We are animals after all... We have alpha males and females going for their attention. We evolved far from this aspect, but not so far. It's still here somehow... What is left evolved into culture to disguise our animal nature. And we built civilizations around it.

I just put it short and say that we do stuff to impress girls...

P.S: I took the Marines as an example because we see them everywhere... If it's an US movie or a movie with soldiers from the US, there is 90% chances to see a Marine at some point.
Even in video games, there is always Marines. They are everywhere... Even in science fiction movies/video games, there is space Marines.
Army isnt sexy enough anymore, now they want Mercenaries, Marines and terrorists... If they want someone to die in the movie, they call for army...
And for dialogues, all you have to do is put a guy to say "the opinion of this Marine is bla bla..." and there you have it. You have a kickass dialogue... You want to show leadership? Bring a sergent, the older/blacker the better... And you make him bark like the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket with a good old "You will become DEAD Marines. And then you will be in a world of ****! Because Marines are NOT ALLOWED TO DIE WITHOUT PERMISSION! Do you maggots understand?" And here you get Oscars material... Movie done. Now give me the green...
April 26th, 2011  
Del Boy
OK - how about this? To find yourself. To discover what you are made of, standing alone. Other established armies offer a certain degree of personal protection to individuals.

Or how about this - running out of the cinema after watching the film 'Beau Geste' and signing up!
Or was it 'bravado' I was looking for?

Edit : Oh Oh - of course - here's another one - to write a book.
April 26th, 2011  
Join the FFL to find out... They will teach you to speak french like a real Legionnaire... With your native accent.

And I have one question, MMARSH said that the french government doesnt care much about the FFL. I understand that, they are there to do the dangerous jobs. But do you think that they dont report dead legionaries like they report other KIA French soldiers? I mean in the media.

Are we losing men from the Legion without being told?
April 26th, 2011  
Lads just to point out I'm not looking to join the legion or have an interest in doing so, I'm just interested in knowing why people join it. Possibly get a reply from an ex-legionaire. I'm playing devil's advocate here...
April 27th, 2011  
-- Dusty
After Jean Claude VanDamm did a movie about him being a Legionaire I saw lot of of the (then) local kids "dreaming" of being Legionaires. Stupid, if you ask me, but kids are kids (and rarely can think past dinner time).

Training is good. Pay sucks. Treatment sucks. I thought of it myself once. But then I figured I'd be better off going something more local, like the NG.
April 27th, 2011  
Well movies have a lot of influence on our imagination.

Until this day, I cant imagine Russia without snow and cold and some drunk guy with a bottle of vodka...

Thanks Hollywood...
April 27th, 2011  
-- Dusty
If it wasn't for the Karelians, this world would have nothing but ugly wimin. Instead, God created the Karelians, and we blessed this Earth with Beautiful women.

Breaks the hearts (and wallets) of a lot of sheep hearders I'm sure, but such is life.....
April 27th, 2011  
My eyes are to crappy, I'd need about 6k USD to fix my eyes using the procedure they allow for corrective surgery.
May 16th, 2011  
Originally Posted by justinsaylor
im trying to get to the legoin but cant get ahold of them is anybody out there in the legion?
go to their site and send them a message they will answer any questions within next day. by the way they are located in France. and you gotta go there to sign in. if things does work out over here ill give them a try on November.

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