Why there wont be a World War 3 in recent history

April 11th, 2014  

Topic: Why there wont be a World War 3 in recent history

Hi WW3 enthusiats. As i travel through the internet people are thinking about a possibility of a World War 3. They put certain countries into these senarios and im going to say why these wont happen. Senario by senario
(Note when i say mobalisation I mean the call up of fit Men between the ages of 19 and 30, the reason why women wouldnt be called up is for a different thread).

1. USA vs China
This is probably a favorite. There are many versions of this whether its the USA and NATO or just the US and China with allies or just china.
Im going to answer the all possible scenarios. The first one is just the USA vs China. Now before we do anything we have to look at money and trade.

China is the worlds greatest exporter of all goods and more than a third goes to the USA. If war was to occur china will lose a huge buffer to its economy and will likely not be able to afford to moblalise its massive population. Nor would it have the money to manufacture weapons for its army.

China's exports would be hugely depleted if all the US allies joined too.

The USA's economy is at its weakest since the great depression. it like all its major allies is cutting defense to a sutable level. In case of mobalisation it would go bankrupt in days.

Now lets take a look at the military side of things, First armies.

China has the largest army in the world. this is actually a major disadvantage.

Ok that may sound stupid but numbers in modern warfare are not good. With explosive with a 30 meter diametre explosion and mortars in use 100s of troops could be killed in seconds if a ground war was to occure and china was to use its mobalised troops in large attacks.

Chinas numbers would only be an advantage if you take into account how many fronts they could fight on, reiforcements and occupation.

The american army is recieving cuts making its army even smaller. Under mobalisation they have a lack of numbers to fight on all necercerry fronts or reinforcements.

Now lets look at air forces.
There are many aspects to it so i will look at 2 main things for this part
Technology and numbers. (its important to note that the planes capability greatly effects how many number of planes will be required to shoot down another, also air forces does not include navy planes which will be in the navy section)

China's air force is on the rise with new planes being delivered every week. However their arsenal for now is mainly 4th gen which are very vunerable to SAMS (surface to air missiles) which are hard to evade. The 5th gen planes under development will be less capable but cheaper than their american counterparts. These aircraft will be called the J-20 and 21 both fairly stealthy.
Despite this there will likely not be nearly as many planes in the chinese air force than the american as the americans have many planes in their arsenal from the cold war.

Americas air force is the largest in the world with state of the art technology being devoloped. However the most advanced fighter in the world the F-22 has limited numbers in service (about 200) and will probably only be used in defence. Despiite this it will be superior to chinese technology. The F-35 will be the front line fighter of the air force doing all the tough stuff. Despite this the F-35 is flawed in many aspects in reviews done by the pentagon. However the staple plane will be the F-16 and F-35 with F-15 serving frontline air superiority. The f-16 and 15 are non steathy and therefore easy targets for SAMS.

Now lets look at navys.
(Navy air capability included)

The Chinese navy has few carriers in comparison to the us and none will be capable to fly 5th gen planes that can evade sams. Carrier capablity will only be of use for land invasions and not for full naval combat with the us. The submarine service is inferior to us capablity and could be sunk quickly by destroyers.

The US navy has 20 carriers of all types in service. However all planes are 4th gen and are under threat from sams. Gerald R. Ford Fleet carrier designed to carry 5th gen planes will enter service soon but in limited numbers. However there is significant threat to us carriers due to new chinese cruise missles that are very accurate and could put a carrier out of service or even sink it. Despite US subs are the second most capable in teh world (after great britains Astute class)

This section is for all nations mentioned. MAD (Mutally assured destruction) this theoretically stops everyone from useing nuclear weapons and is not ever likely being used.

The Koreas and allies

This is the most likely to occur. However it would be a swift south Korean victory and im not going to go into to much detail but the reason why is because the north has no allies to to the fact that china has soured relationships with north korean diplomats due to poor recent diplomatic behavior with the west. Also weapons capability of the north is very weak in missle and they would only have the advantage at the start given they would pobably start the war and would have more troops than the south until allies arrive.

Russia vs the west

If you remember the cold war than you would know that tentsions between russia and the west were like now with ukraine times 100 and even then war did not break out. Russia iis way poorer than it was and apart from its nuclear arsenal it hasnt got much else. Its air force is decent and it has a sphere of influence. Its army is mainly made of conscripted peasants and inferior tanks im comparison to abrams and similar tanks. not to mention the fact that russias economy is in shambles not to mentions that if they attacked the west they would be facing many very capable nations inclueing the entierety of western Europe which is when combined about as powerful as russia with the inclusion of Eastern Europe and the US they stand not chance.

With Russia MAD is in effect.

Syria War breakout

The answer to why there will be no intevention from the west to help the rebels is because one of the rebel organisations is a part of al-quada and will gain support from the new govenment if the rebels win. Pretty obvious why there will be no intervention and therefore no war.

you may of noticed that my final 3 were fairly breif due to the fact im out of time.

Give me more senarios to counter!
April 12th, 2014  
The US and Russian should fight a hot war! They had play show so-call “cold war”for 40 years. Are you kidding me ?Lol , It just like two women point a finger at each other, accused each other!
That is said, even Crimea independant from Ukraine, These American cowards dare not face confront Russian.
Where is the freedom? Doesn't the Holly hood publicize these white guys of US are the bravest men in the world? lol
The countries locate Europe and Asia shall consider they be allies with US or not. The American always betrayed and sell his alliance
April 12th, 2014  
American should dispatch B2 bomber intimidate those Russian .

"Red alert" "Weapons tie" , nukes loaded
Where are the aircraft-carriers battle groups of US? come on ,dispatch they to Black sea,intimidate Russian. lol. "Red alert, weapons tie.'

Sorry, I forgot the aircraft-carriers fleet like a toy under the nuke strike.
April 12th, 2014  
The white guys of American attacked and bully many countries ,and killed their people after world war2. like Vietnam ,Libya,Iraq ,Panama, Grenada, Afghanistan.

This time these American meet a real rival ---Russian. Come on ,Yankees ,don't back off! put a real battle with Russian like a real man.

Or these white guys of US will be mocked by 7 billions people in the world. What???? The media of west call the American are the policeman of the world? ha,ha,ha,haaaaaaaa-
I am laugh to dead!

The American ,show your muscle, warn the Russian army get out of territory of Ukraine.Didn't American and British make a safety
promise for Ukraine? Otherwise the reputation of US will drop to zero. The US can't be the superpower anymore. Because other nation mock these
American are typical cowards.
April 12th, 2014  
Dear God dont you know anything, Did you read what i wrote, Russia's economy is failing, Putin has put them under a mountain full of debt, a war with russia would be a stupid idea, if you truely read what i wrote you would know i written MAD (Mutally assured destruction) which is the structural basis of why there can never be a nuclear war, it would end the world. The only 2 times nuclear weapons have been used in anger (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) were used because the enemy had no capability of response on such scale, these days almost every great power in the world posseses nucelar arms and if one of them is used thats humanity wiped off the map. Also everyone is aware america has little to no influence in the east bar japan and south korea. there has never been a safty promise to Ukraine and why spark thousands of deaths because russia wants a few peices of worthless territory in the east ukraine. its not worth it.

Also no one could win a war like that. If both countries mobalised the Us would have more troops but Russia would have an icy cold winter. Its not war that can be won.

Next time before responding read the article
April 13th, 2014  
There is another risk for a global conflict; the climate change and when the feedback system kicks in. The food shortage and changing of precipitation patterns forces people to move north versus south. Areas in the north (northern Europe, Russia, northern parts of the US and Canada) cannot feed all the environmental refugees and maybe forced to use violence to prevent them from coming. Probably they will respond with violence as well.

India and Pakistan may begin to fight over the declining water in the rivers. The Chinese are moving toward Siberia when their rivers cannot support their population. The border between the US and Mexico might be a real hot spot.
Europe might be overwhelmed by refugees from Africa and the Middle East, even southern Europe will face severe food shortage and water shortage

South Africa might be overwhelmed by refugees coming from the north

We can rationalize about many conflicts, but not when we are starving
April 13th, 2014  
Of course eventually there will be crisis like these but your forgetting 2 things. 1 The US is actually going to end up suffering water shortages due to sea pollution. 2 this is recent not distant future.
April 13th, 2014  
Originally Posted by AirForceGenius
Of course eventually there will be crisis like these but your forgetting 2 things. 1 The US is actually going to end up suffering water shortages due to sea pollution. 2 this is recent not distant future.
The water shortage in the Midwest will force the Americans to take the water from the great lakes, the Canadians will not like that. There is a disagreement between the US and Canada about the access to the water of the great lakes and it will worsen during this.

The Americans are irrigating the Midwest (the bread basket) with the ground water beneath it and it is declining rapidly. Southern California cannot sustain itself with a slightly decline of the water.

The US armed forces and the British armed forces are planning for this, in GB it is called "Lifeboat Britain."

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