Why not caseless ammo?

January 21st, 2006  

Topic: Why not caseless ammo?

I'd like to know what you all think of caseless ammo. I'm curious why more weapons have not been designed to use it considering the significant weight reduction it offers vs. conventional ammo.
January 21st, 2006  
Caseless Ammo?

Try the Civil War muskets, eh eh eh

The Civil war had a design where the ammo itself contained powder, a sort of detonating rocket.

Current designs are too complicated, imo, and I guess some bureaucratic engineers want to make a lot of money while preventing others from proposing ingenious stuff... the old government socialist nationalization by official licensing and certification bs. Engineers like this mafia too.
January 21st, 2006  
Kozzy Mozzy
they worked out most of the bugs with the G11.
January 21st, 2006  

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