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November 19th, 2004  
anyways, lets get back on topic...... lets see, india: no love .................................................. ...
November 19th, 2004  
It's all a game
Originally Posted by 2ndShockarmy

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying, 30% of the population of China speak Cantonese as their main language or they are bilingual, since I can see you are going to have some problems understanding that I will make it simple for you, people who speak and write in two or more languages.
Hehe, Damien, I am puzzled as to why nobody has ever told you this simple truth: Cantonese is Chinese, period.

Cantonese is only one of so many dialects of Chinese. Its written form is exactly the same as the mandarin.

I had stayed in the US for more than a decade, it sometimes sadens me to find again and again how miserably ignorant the Americans are about China. That includes some of my respected professors. My friends, you really know way too little about anything Chinesel! (even though you may have been to your Chinatowns many times).

While we are here, let me share with you just a bit more in case you don't already know: The so-called Chinese as one of the UN's working languages is actually Han (nationality) language amony a few miority languages in use in China. The whole China, including Taiwan, speaks and writes an official language: Putonghua (common language, as called on the mainland) and Guoyu (National language, as called in Taiwan). This one major official language is spoken in many many dialects, but all written in the same characters except for the two forms: Traditional and Simplified.

Some people blame the communists for simplifying the traditional written Chinese. But they did it for good reasons, which is beyond the scope of this comment. Yet the ironic thing is that even the idea of simplifying the Chinese characters (for the poor mass and probably the world) is no invention by the "evil communists". It was from Dr. Sun, the founding father of the Republic of China on on Taiwan!

And there are so many other things you don't know about China and the East, really!
November 19th, 2004  

Now I'm really starting to wonder whether India is a part of China,
India autonomous region ?!
November 19th, 2004  
It's all a game
Sorry, Xion!

It's rightfully your topic. Let's get back to India!
November 19th, 2004  
It's all a game
Originally Posted by Xion
`Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ?`

lol: ...That was the headline of one of an article on India and China sometime back in Times Of India.Nowadays almost everyday they have an article related to China in the newspapers here

Don't you feel that India is a little bit obssessed with (comparing to) China, while making this obssession obvious to the world? Wouldn't it be more comfortable to keep it inside and strive to catch up and surpass a rival or competitor? This, an unofficial state policy(?), is what China has been trying, to varisou extent of success, since the inception of its reform in 1979.

If I were India, I wouldn't even compare with China! I would look beyond China and at the more advanced and prosperous nations. In this, the Chinese do a better job, in my opinion. Oh, this reminds me of what you said about China's "ruthless self-promotion". I was wondering (and I still am) what gave you that impression. Could you shed some light on that?
November 19th, 2004  
A Can of Man
This is why we're concerned about China.
Anything from land to innocent internet posting threads.... LOL

Originally Posted by Xion

Now I'm really starting to wonder whether India is a part of China,
India autonomous region ?!
November 19th, 2004  
Comparing India and China is like comparing Apples and Oranges. Rather than that, Damien's new thread is quite unacceptable. Especially for posts that fit within the "who's the best" and "Country vs. Country" category.
November 19th, 2004  
I read a similar report in another newspaper, but this link describes the same thing:

By the year 2040, if things go according to prediction, India will be the third largest economy in the world with a reasonably high per capita income.


If measured by PPP terms, the Top 10 nations of now:

Country Description Amount
1. United States $9,612.7 billion
2. China $5,019.4 billion
3. Japan $3,394.4 billion
4. India $2,395.4 billion
5. Germany $2,062.2 billion
6. France $1,426.6 billion
7. United Kingdom $1,404.4 billion
8. Italy $1,363.0 billion
9. Brazil $1,299.4 billion
10. Russia $1,219.4 billion
Total $29.2 trillion

November 20th, 2004  
i think india is not quite as confident as it should be. Indian seem like there jelous of China success and the attention it recieve from the west whethere its good or bad attention. I dont know why Asians can't work together like Europeans.

I know lots of India who are sad that the west especially Americans dont know nothing about their country and culture. 99% of Americans probably wouldn't even be able to tell you where India is on the map.
There a reason for this, U.S and India hasn;'t had much of a history together.

You guys might not know this but, before China became red, it was an ally and a friend of the U.S.A at the beginning of the 20th century many Americans especially the reliogus christian regarded China as a land for Americans to turn in to christians. Most of might know in the 1950s there was a great debate on who has "lost CHina"

Nowadays there much tension between the 2 country. trade deficit, taiwan and Christian right belive that the procecy fortell of a great empire from the EASt (China) will ally themselve with muslim to have a final battle bettween the good(wet) and bad(east).

I do belive in 50 years there will be only 2 superpower, which will be China and AMerica, Inida will be a notable nation as well as japan and france and othere nation now, but i think the U.S.A and China will call the shots. They might be rivals but i dont them going to war.
November 20th, 2004  
Several reasons for us silly Americans being ignorant of Asian Culture and History. Its mostly blamable on the way History is taught in America, which goes as follows --
1.) Starts out with Egypt and Mesopotamia as the "It all Started Here" beginning. Egyptians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes, Persians, etc.
2.) We then shift to Greece -- (after building a little background info on what was missed while we were pretending that only Egypt and Mesopotamia exist) -- read a lot of Greek Myths for some reason, and talk about the high period of Greek Culture.
3.) Next, we talk about Alexander the Great and his exploits -- never in any great depth. (Egypt and Mesopotamia get dropped from the story.)
4.) Next, we jump to Rome, talk about the wars with Carthage and the Roman Empire at great length.
5.) After the Fall of Rome, the only thing generally taught is Western Europe. Even the Byzantine Empire is barely metioned. You generally mention the Huns and Mongols as having shown up in Europe, etc.
6.) The Arabs and Turks magically pops into existence -- so we can talk about the Charles Martel and the Crusades of course.
7.) The 30 Years War is only mentioned briefly as having happened (for fear of having to mention religion too much)
8.) Back to pretending that only Western Europe exists.
9.) The United States and the Revolutionary War -- we now mostly ignore what's going on in Europe unless its something major
10.) The French Revolution and Napoleaon after that.
11.) The German Civil War is usually skipped over for some reason ... probably because it came pretty close to coinciding with the Amercian Civil War.
12.) World War I - usually from the Western Front perspective only.
13.) World War II -- because a substantial portion of this directly involves the Far East and its cultures -- they pop into existance so we can talk about the USA beating Japan.
14.) The Korean War
15.) The Vietnam War
16.) The Gulf Wars

I know that most nations have the same problem of telling history only from the perspective relevant to themselves, but I don't have to like it. It was college before I learned much history outside of that outline -- and I have to seek it out.

Another problem about telling the history of India is that there are so few instances of them being united as a single nation/kingdom -- usually only by foreign conquest. China and the rest of Asia are mostly just due to negligence.