Why I hate PETA

November 24th, 2004  

Topic: Why I hate PETA

First and foremost, no offense meant to those on this board who are PETA advocates. I am sorry that your organization is full of crap.

This holiday season for those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving usually do so with a nice big Turkey. But PETA doesn't want us too this year. They are launching a big campaign to make us feel gulity for eating a bird that is bred to be eaten. They are calling this year the Turkey Holocaust.

Is it just me or is anyone else offended by PETA comparing what animals go through at a Slaughterhouse to that of the suffering that millions of Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, ETC went through?

Yes it is sad that in SOME Turkey Farms animals are mistreated. But these aren't day spa's for underpriviledge Turkey's. This is a place to cultivate animals for food. It isn't supposed to be a pleasent place. I don't want animals to suffer but don't vilianize all Turkey Farms because some are cruel.

I am all for vegatarians. But don't shove it in our faces. I don't believe in trampling on other's beliefs. Let me eat my meat in Peace.

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(Why did I write this? I had to break through a 'Picketline' while hauling my 22 lb Turkey out to the car. A lady told me i was going to burn in .... because I am a carivore. Yes it was a PETA sponsered event.)
November 24th, 2004  
i would have looked her in the eye and said, well its your choice, i eat the turkey, or you, ya turkey!
was it mark connely who had the quote "come here, lunch!" inscribed on a plaque
November 24th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Usually groups like PETA etc. are full of crap.
Their tasks are so subject specific that if for a while there is no REAL thing to fight about, they just start attacking everything else. It's a bit like Amnesty International. They're good when there's actually jailings of a person who's standing for the right things (like Nelson Mandela) but when there is no such thing going on, or if it's simply happening in a place where they cannot operate (like North Korea) they simply turn to trying to release real criminals from local jails because the "conditions are inhumane" (i.e. not quite a 5 star hotel).
November 24th, 2004  
PETA, those guys send so much money to domestic terrorism it's not even funny. i have money saying they sponsored that recent ALF vandalization in illinois (i believe i can't remember) that released all of those lab animals.
November 27th, 2004  

PETA blows...check out their response in the hate mail section too...
December 1st, 2004  
I like PETA they make me laugh. They are a bunch of clowns who are better off ignored.
December 2nd, 2004  
PETA, heh, perhaps they havn't come to their senses.
December 3rd, 2004  
PETA? While we were at lunch, a friend said he joined that group. He said it stands for People for the Eating of Tasty Animals
December 4th, 2004  
Dang you beat my to it DTop . I always thought it was a sign you put on cows that stands for Please Eat This Animal... I might be mistaken.

If God didn't intend for us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat and filled them with proteins. I think of it like this, we're people, they are animals. Our survival is more important than theirs. Of course I don't want them to be mistreated (it makes them tough ), but I'm still more than happy to eat them.

If you don't want to eat meat, you go ahead. I don't like lima beans, so I don't eat them. However, I haven't started an extremist organization called PETLB and tried to force other people to stop eating them.

A little unrelated, there was this PETA dude that requested when he died he be barbequed and eaten to show how animals "suffer".
December 7th, 2004  
I'll throw another one out there for ya: GREEN PEACE. The same folks that hid blades in the trunks of trees so when loggers when to cut them... yea you guessed it. It was pretty bloody. I think if someone wanted to make a point about saving trees, they could have done so without sacrificing innocent lives.
Then we got the ones that have gone into abortion clinics to shoot up doctors, nurses and patients in the name of Jesus? Sheesh, the world is definitely full of weird-o's....