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September 9th, 2004  
I think they can hate the US because they have the financial $$$ means which comes from oil exports and related products. So terrorists can be financed by wealthy men who do business with the west but yet hate the US.

To solve this problem is perhaps to dry their means $$$. No money, no war-cry and no terrorists, who are actually just idling gangsters (with some Islamic fundamentalism beliefs) wanting to do something... because probably they have nothing much to do the whole day.
September 9th, 2004  
Been saying it for years, the US and Europe need to convert over to fuel sources that do not depend on petrol. It would be so ridiculously easy to do too.
September 19th, 2004  

Topic: Re: Why does Al Queda hate US?

Originally Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer
erm, what was their point again?
Kill Christians, as many as possible.

The US represents the West. Even though the French see themselves as some superpower, the world out side of the West views the US as the leader of the pact.

The US IS 25% of the global economy and is a leader in technology, media and institutions like the UN and NATO. When someone hates the world we live in they strike at the percieved leader of the pact.

The fact that we are the ones HUNTING them in Afganistan, Iraq, Uzbeckistan, Kazastan and the Rep of Georgia does not help. We are at war with them and they would love to demonstrate that 1. Our policies have failed and we need to stop. 2. That they are still out there alive and kicking.

After 1991 the US deployed troops to Saudi Arabia on a perminent basis. Our presence in the holy land where Mecca is, is unacceptable for someone like Osama and this is what caused him to begin his war against us.
September 19th, 2004  
A show I was watching on Discovery Times did an inspection into this, and they caught up with a prominent, Egyptian psychologists who said that most of the terrorism is caused by envy. He said that it pains many of the young boys who grow up in the ruins of what was for hundreds of years the crux of the civilized world, as well as a contender for world power long afterwords. He went on to say that he notices they always scorn the fact that in less than a hundred years a country with less than a three hundred year history (The USA) can rise to become the worlds sole superpower. It makes them furious, especially since the US has done nothing to free them from their tyrannical leaders. This is their point of view. The psychologists says that it is very sad that these young boys they recruit are such easy prey for fundamentalists army recruiters.