Why Does Adoption Cost So @#$%@#$ Much?? - Page 5

April 26th, 2005  
Charge 7
In the old days orphanages were paid for by charitable people in the town and anybody who could take in a child was thought of as a great benefactor themselves and wasn't expected to pay a dime though any contribution was appreciated. Unfortunately, it was sometimes abused and people took children in only to make them laborers for nothing but very modest room and board. So the legal system had to step in to ensure the children weren't victimized and all sorts of laws and regulations came in to effect to provide for the children's security. Then, just as unfortunately, the lawyers and others saw a means to make a killing on those who have no other recourse. The old law of supply and demand. Too bad children have become a comidity to them and hopeful parents are now the victims of their greed.
April 26th, 2005  
Adoptive Parents and Stepmothers get terrible press from Fairy Tales as well as old stories in general. Its too bad, truthfully. Today, adoptive parents are to eager to raise children of their own, I cannot fathom a repeat of large scale exploitation of adopted orphans happening today. After everything adoptive parents go through, at the end of it, they are so thrilled to have a child that if anything the kid is going to get spoiled.

One upside in our situation: We've been married for 5 years and there no sign of marital trouble. In cases like ours, a baby quite likely has the best possible odds of a stable family environment to grow up in. The adoption agencies tend to do their uptmost to screen out any potential bad home situations. But is it right to screen out the non-wealthy by default?