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March 25th, 2013  
CSM Chandler

Originally Posted by c/CSM Henson, T.
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I joined because I love the military and I plan to enlist out of high school, also I figured it would help me learn the drill and basic regs and SOP of the military.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also want to enlist after high school i am the honor guard commander and the First Squad Leader GO USMC future the first female Sniper in the United States Army HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 25th, 2013  
I never thought of actually being in the military let alone making it a career. In the 50's a friend found about a group called the JR Marine Corps of America, an in-formal Marine JROTC. One summer some of us joined them and learned basic commands and how to march (and other things).

Even though it was just a couple of months this training was a great advantage when I was drafted.

You guys and girls will have a better (and easier) initial military experience by learning what you are learning now.

Good work!
March 27th, 2013  
CSM Chandler

my grandfather was in the army my dad was in the army so was my uncle my great uncle was in the navy and my cousion is in the airforce now he's an captian going to be a major his job is that he is a pastor