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December 17th, 2004  
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December 18th, 2004  
The underlying thing is pretty simple: MacArthur was a self important egotistical ass who didn't know when to draw the line and when to keep his big mouth shut.

We're talking about the same man who said, "I shall return." Someone suggested he change that to "We shall return" (giving credit to his men, the US military, etc.) He refused.

He was a solid strategist. Inchon was a stroke of brilliance, and the biggest thing he ever did IMHO. The problem is that he followed a brilliant move with being himself (the egotistical self-important ass) and invading NK without permission for anyone above him. He then ran all the way to the border (against orders and in the face of China's warnings), then was all stupid and suprised when China invaded.

Next, his ego makes him deluded enough to actually tried to fight the President of the United States on what the USA would do next. He had no business making demands or debating the point. The President had decided and for him, that just wasn't good enough. At that point, he was begging to get canned -- I think he even wanted to. I think he wanted to be a martyr.

The surprising thing about this thread is the PRC's people not being able to stay on topic at all.
December 18th, 2004  
He always had the ego. Notice his title in WWII. Supreme Commander instead of Commander in Chief for his area of operations.

It only got worse when he was de facto emperor of Occupied Japan.
December 18th, 2004  
Originally Posted by godofthunder9010
The surprising thing about this thread is the PRC's people not being able to stay on topic at all.
wut r u talking about, those guys go off topic first, r u trying to discriminate or something like that?

Mac is a great general and he did GReat contribution to defeat Japan and free Asian coutries,

the mistkae he made was the he took aginst his commander in cheif..
that is not tolertable for most of leaders right?