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May 27th, 2004  

Topic: whos been there

whos been to the site, http://www.addictinggames.com it is a site with alot of really goofy games that are as the name suggests, addicting, it mainly little easy games with those surprises and twists that make them a little les than hollow, like polar bowler, stik r.p.g. and many more, check it out, my friends
May 27th, 2004  
Post in the correct forums in the future, and stop making one line topics/posts.
May 28th, 2004  
I have. I've posted the link a couple of times on the forum too. Some are ok (like Fishy ) but most are boring.
May 28th, 2004  
Another site to waste my time on! Some of the games are good, the rest are dull.
May 28th, 2004  
I go there regularly, Spaced Penguin is the best game ever!!! Ok, maybe not, but it's one of the best that site has :P
June 30th, 2004  
Originally Posted by FutureRANGER
Some are ok (like Fishy ) but most are boring.
If you like fishy it was made by www.xgenstudios.com..they have some cool games on their site...im waiting still for Stick Rpg 2 to come out... but i have been to addicting games.com