Whom does Mexican Cartel "LOS ZETAS"

April 27th, 2012  

Topic: Whom does Mexican Cartel "LOS ZETAS"

"Whom does Mexican Cartel "LOS ZETAS" recruit?"

i am a citizen of eastern european country who can not live here anymore , i always was concerned about emigration somewhere out of here. So I seek military job outside my country . That's what I want and that is the question which i ask here: where can i get enlisted as a foreigner? except of the french legion. i seek some organization that would accept a recruit without military experience .
i heard a lot about so called mexican drug cartels, one of the most famous , as i understood is Los Zetas, I started searching information about them. as i found out they are the mercenary organization , yet with this mark of criminals and i frankly don't understand why. what is the principal differnce they have from blackwater mercenaries? My question is do they accept any non-latin recruits, do they have any training camps or something.
yes, i know some history of them, that they are deserters from MX army ,
but i am reading news that right now they're recruiting gangs in Guatemala and El Salvador , so i guess it's possible for non-militaries to join them?
April 27th, 2012  
Ummm yeah not the best place to be asking about joining a criminal organization that acts as enforcers for drug cartels.


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