Whimsical stories from the occupation of Denmark

November 14th, 2014  

Topic: Whimsical stories from the occupation of Denmark

I have found a book from 1948 entitled "whimsical stories from the occupation of Denmark"

Here´s a translated story from the book.

The Commandant who refused to surrender.

This story takes place in a small Danish provincial town.

In the city was a German signal's Company posted. When the German forces surrendered to the British May 5, 1945 the local leader of the resistance movement chose to contact the Germans in order to receive the surrender on behalf of the British.

The German commander refused to surrender to other than the English, but he would agree to surrender to an official representative from the Danish state.

Now the leader of the resistance movement had a problem. Where would he find such a person? Then he got an idea. The stationmaster was a civil servant and he did have a dress uniform that looked official, with the feather in the cap and polished brass buttons.

So the poor man had to, much against his will, put on his uniform and go with resistance fighters to receive the surrender of the German officer.

When the German saw this momentous man, he snapped to proper Prussian
attention and surrendered himself and his Company.

(I can translate more if it is of interest)
November 15th, 2014  
Look forward to seeing more of these stories so translate away.
November 15th, 2014  
Great stuff.

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