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A house in the town 20 51.28%
A small apartment in the city 4 10.26%
I can't decide 6 15.38%
I'll live where my girl lives (town, city.. anywhere) 9 23.08%
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November 12th, 2009  
A small apartment in the city where I could walk to a bar and not have to worry about getting too drunk to drive home.
November 14th, 2009  
preferably near the water or in the country............ not a fan of big cities, nice to visit, hate to live there
November 14th, 2009  
Mighty Mouse
I prefer to live in a big city. I have lived in small towns and I really don't like everyone being in everyone else's business. I like being near cultural centers like theater and art museums. Simple things like having a great choice of quality restaurants nearby is a plus. Having public transportation and multiple sports venues is also nice to have. The wife enjoys the shopping venues too. To each his own, but I am a city guy.
November 14th, 2009  
Originally Posted by AussieNick
---snip--- I worked a while boundry riding and jackarooing at Anna Creek Station,
I used to go up there years ago to pick up camels from Stewy Nunn. I also knew Albert (his uncle) on Innaminka,... that was before he got the bullet for poddy dodging. All the managers used to do it, he was stiff enough to get caught during the Brucellosis destocking.

I got refused service in the Anna Creek pub (for not wearing a shirt of all things) had been roughing it for a fortnight, hadn't really washed and stank of blood, guts, smoke and Young's .303 oil,... that was OK, but you must wear a shirt. I had to drive down to Nilpena where I got a coldy off the Williams boys. Ended up being roped into helping out in the yards for 3 days, castrating and earmarking..... as a leg man at the back end.

Ahhh,... for the good old days.

Give me the bush,.. anyday, these townies don't even know they're alive.
November 14th, 2009  
major liability
Originally Posted by zyonchaos
Give me a small cottage in the country miles from anywhere sod convenience i want peace and quiet except when I want to be loud.
As long as i have electricity and broadband Ill be happy
Jay :P