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View Poll Results :Where do you get your news from?
TV networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) 6 22.22%
TV cable 6 22.22%
News Papers 2 7.41%
Major internet news sites 8 29.63%
Minor internet news sites 0 0%
Word of mouth 2 7.41%
magazines 0 0%
State run media 0 0%
I don't follow the news!!! 3 11.11%
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November 16th, 2004  
still me
www.canoe.ca every morning before work

November 16th, 2004  
I get my news from all sources. I watch the news, read the paper, get stuff from various sites and then there are friends that are always emailin me somethin they think I would be interested in.
November 16th, 2004  
I use FOX and ABC news and the newsmanager.
November 16th, 2004  
Fox news and CNN Headline News.
Oreilly has said many times that The Factor is not a News Program, it is an oppinion show.
November 17th, 2004  
A Can of Man
CNN, Fox, BBC and when I hear a key news, I try to look for European sources that are not BBC.
November 17th, 2004  
I've just recently started watching the news on a regular basis. Before, it was just word of mouth.
November 17th, 2004  
You forgot an important source. The radio.

I get most of my news from the BBC world service. Been reliable ever since world war 2, and they have news updates every 15 mins.

Otherwise I buy the newspaper daily and read it cover to cover.
November 18th, 2004  
If you were watching CBS during the November 2nd electiosn it sounded like they were going to cry when the results came in.
November 18th, 2004  
Italian Guy
I can't vote for a just single one of those. My source are TV as much as newspapers as much as magazines and the internet. This forum helps me a lot too.
So I couldn't vote for one instead of another.
November 18th, 2004  
the news? *yawn*