What's your profession?

December 22nd, 2004  

Topic: What's your profession?

Hi there.

I just saw in the "post your pic" thread that chewie_nz wrote that he works at a radio station; just like me and I was wondering what other members do for a living.
If you're in the armed forces you can write whatever you're allowed to write.

December 22nd, 2004  
really?! lol that's awesome.

so just to be a nerd whats you career story? what country.

my sordid tale is indicative of the direction the broadcasting industry is going in my small country

December 22nd, 2004  
Lol here's my CV:

At age 14 I got introduced to ecstasy. (poor start I know ) That lead to techno parties which in turn spurred(sp?) my interest in music production.
Then I dropped out of high school (on the final year ) at the age of 18.
Had some mediocre jobs back then just to survive (I hated my parents at that point-didn't want to talk to them, eat their food, use the washing machine...you get the idea.
I managed to save some money and a friend and I decided to organize a techno party in an abandoned warehouse.
Mouth to mouth advertising (we didn't have money for a lot of flyers) yielded excellent results-the turnout was not what we expected-of course we made a bundle of cash which served as a starting point for our next gig.
Then things started to pick up from there-we were organizing events in ever more "hip" locations and now were programme managers for the largest club in town.
About 2 years ago I found out that a local radio station is looking for a production specialist and I applied-by that time I had already mastered some heavy category production software(ProTools,Cubase,Reason...)
and got the job immediately.
I finished high school right about then (at age 22 not the thing I'm proud of but I finished it nonetheless).
Being around computers all the time had other effects naturally-I learned how to build, maintain and operate them at an "advanced" level-also I learned Flash, HTML...
I still have to score a deal with some record company so that's still open but I'll get there.
At the radio I do commercials, shows and everything else that needs to be done (on the technical side).
Jeez I wrote an essay

Oh almost forgot I live in Slovenia and in case you were wondering I'll be 24 in February. And I study Communicology-don't know how to explain it but in layman's terms we're learning how to manipulate the customer into deciding to buy a product after he has seen/heard the commercial.
What do you do at your radio?
Is it a themed radio-as in you only play metal/rock/...I'm judging this by the name-Inferno?
And lol my frequency is almost identical to yours 106.4FM
December 22nd, 2004  

Computer Programmer

Computer Repairs

Computer Recovery

A bit of networking experience

bacielly a little bit of everythig regarding Computers...... All on part Time basis 8) .................i am still a student

For repairs and recovery i very seldom get payed ..............have to do with a tasty Dinner or a date or ****

--Good Luck--
December 22nd, 2004  
Counselor. I have done it all, marriage and family, rape crisis among other types. Currently, I work at a college.
December 22nd, 2004  

Kudos to you for hanging in there and moving foward with your life inspite of a rocky start. There's a whole bunch of kids that would have achieved nothing and would still be hanging out at parties, doing drugs having no past to be proud of or future to look forward to. You have both. Good for you!
December 22nd, 2004  
A Can of Man
Fixing mistakes my old man forces me to make.
December 22nd, 2004  
I'm a electronics technician trainee for information-, telecommunications- and security technics.

I'm installing and maintaining computer networks, telephone stuff, fire and burgalry alerts etc.
December 23rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
Fixing mistakes my old man forces me to make.
Lol, could you elaborate on that if it's not too personal.
December 23rd, 2004  

Topic: me

I left school at 16yrs old after getting 13 GCSE's........................work for a few months then joined the royal navy jan 1999..................became an OM(UW) AKA OPERATOR MECHANICE UNDER WATER WARFARE which is sonar radar weapons n what ever they wanna throw at us lol

Left navy in jan 2004 and started working at a uni in a normal clerical job and just about to start a business law degree.................which is good cus work is paying me to do it lol