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He should be impeached for High Crimes and Misdemeanours in relation to the invasion of Iraq 0 0%
He is a great leader, the best man for the job. 6 37.50%
He just sucks up to Bush. 3 18.75%
Most people in the U.K. believe Blair lied about the war 1 6.25%
He's the U.S.'s best friend but he is no friend to the people of the U.K. 2 12.50%
I don't care about Blair at all. 4 25.00%
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January 13th, 2005  
OK I'll be right over.
January 13th, 2005  
Pogue Mahone
Interesting to find yet another Brit who just hates Blair for "fill in the reason here" - and yet anyone who follows British politics knows that Blair's party will win again this year - and he is still the leader of that party, is he not?

Or tell us Anya - will the Tories win the next General Election - how? They were for the war as well as you know.
Will the Lib Dems? They have yet to crack 10%

Will the Tories and Lib Dems form a goverment - not bleeding likely eh

So its Blair then

As for what you are choosing to flog him for - it seems very unfair to me

Yes he agreed with Bush about the need for a new policy after 9-11, a policy that moved for regime change and democratization in the ME

You disagree with this policy it seems - I'd like to know what you suggest we should be doing to prevent the next 9-11 - either in the US or in Europe

As for the Tsunami - so what he didn't drop everything and jet back to the UK to get on the BBC with puffy eyes and let us all know he was on top of things

This whole issue is so absurd now - Bush didn't get on TV in time, Blair didn't ( Kofi Annan continued skiing for 3 days too ) - so what

Do people really think that these men actually do everything themselves or what

That all of them can't dispatch orders from anywhere

I suppose I should be used to UK politics anyway - it seems leaders are only there to be kicked around
For a country that bounced Churchill right after he led the country through its Finest Hour

If i ain't died..........but seriously don't believe the media half the time as it is suited to what the gov and parliment say..............

You wanna know the real truth watch the tv over here and not look at google [/quote]

What does that mean? Watch the BBC to get the "truth" - the same BBC that sexed up its coverage of the Iraq issue to blame Blair for everything

The same BBC that had 2 execs and a reporter fired for this activity

The BBC makes CBS look right wing

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January 14th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Very nice post, Pogue. I'm with ya.
January 14th, 2005  
Theres nothing wrong with Blair

I'd rather have a PM who would go to war to save this and other countries forom terrorists...than some pussy who thinks world peace is here and wont send the army anywhere for anything less than a nuke in london

Blair's talks the talk...but he walks the walk as well

and I'd rather be closer allies with US than EU pussies and hypocrites
January 14th, 2005  
pogue you wanna "battle it out" and look the bestyou do it in private and not here, i didn't bash you so back the hell away from me.

Beardo hun when you have been through all the rubbish blaire put us (military) through on the fire strikes then nearly let it happen whilst out in gulf again, then your under stand.

I never said USA was lying on news, pogue thats you putting words into my mouth an making up what you want. I never said blaire shouldn't of done the terroist anti thing for 9/11.........next time you wanna take a pop to look good do it in private.

And i never said that blaire should come home early to go on tv. GET your facts straight and winde your neck in before you start looking foolish
January 16th, 2005  
Thank God there are men like Blair who was the right man at the right time. I put him right up there with Margaret Thatcher, maybe just a little bit under her.