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June 7th, 2005  
What is MSPF btw? Is that the rapid deployment force, or is it special forces?

Btw I was 12 Bravo---combat engineer. We build 'em, the tankers wrecked 'em. When I signed up they said I would be working with heavy equipment (I thought they meant buldozers & cranes), little did I know they meant HEAVY EQUIPMENT literaly (such as slege hammers and large peices of metal railing, ect). The bulldozers and stuff was a different MOS althogether, lol. The explosives & demolitions was fun the fun part, but I kinda like my fingers so I tried not to handle any unless I had to.
June 7th, 2005  
I'm 11B.

Duty MOS... 11B3P5W

But I'm actually only an E-5 until September.
June 7th, 2005  
Originally Posted by gladius
What is MSPF btw? Is that the rapid deployment force, or is it special forces?
Each Marine Expiditionary Unit has a small specialized sub-unit. It relies on the MEU for logistics, intel, communications, transportation, and supporting fire. It opperates under the command of the MEU commander. Its equal to the armys Special Forces. The MSPF is made up of volunteers from Force recon platoons. Each Direct Action Platoon operates along with a SEAL platoon.

They conduct several operations such as CQB, Deep reconnaissance, In extremis Hostage rescue in urban enviroments, Special Demolitions ops, Clandestine Recovery of equipment or personnel, Gas and Oil Platform Operataions (GOPLAT), Clandestine Recon, Direct action (DA), Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO)

Theres whole lot more info on the MSPF here:

June 9th, 2005  
I sighned up as 19K(M1 Abrams Crewman).
June 9th, 2005  
MI Blues

Topic: MOS - 98C4LRU

Signals Intelligence Analyst / Russian Linguist - retired
June 26th, 2005  
5937 Aviation Radio Repair - on the AN-TYA11 UHF digital Ground to Air comm set. Obviously it's gone now, but it was state of the art in those times.
July 12th, 2005  
38A Civil Affairs
Basically go to other countries and build up infrastructure to get countries back on track.

Not nearly enough of us.
July 19th, 2005  
51m fireprotection specialist aka firefighter 88-92.
Still doing same for county/local goverment firefighter/paramedic, 17yrs. on the job now.
July 22nd, 2005  
Well you can see what got up to by clicking on to this site
July 24th, 2005  
currently a cadet drum major, hope to join up as either an air traffic control officer, or a weapons systems operator airman.