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View Poll Results :Whats your favourite country other than your own ?
China 0 0%
India 0 0%
USA 10 15.38%
Russia 5 7.69%
U.K. 1 1.54%
France 2 3.08%
Brazil 0 0%
Australia 5 7.69%
Canada 2 3.08%
Germany 7 10.77%
Israel 1 1.54%
Italy 4 6.15%
Japan 3 4.62%
Sweden 3 4.62%
Mexico 2 3.08%
Norway 1 1.54%
Switzerland 1 1.54%
Korea 0 0%
Egypt 1 1.54%
Other [ Please Specify ] 17 26.15%
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October 17th, 2007  
Originally Posted by The Other Guy

I actually prefer it in some ways over the US...
canada? why canada?
November 30th, 2007  
Greece, Italy, Sweden, or Iceland,
January 1st, 2008  
Germany or US both works for me
January 1st, 2008  
The Other Guy
Originally Posted by Kiwi
canada? why canada?
The people are so approachable, so friendly.
March 13th, 2008  
Cdt Matteo
I'm learning German so I'll say Germany. Plus Germany has good stuff on everything; good taste of cloths, vehicles, beer, man what can't they do!

I would say my native Argentina but that counts as my own and so does obviously Canada.
March 13th, 2008  
Mexico.....'cause it is the only foreign country I have been to.
March 13th, 2008  
Team Infidel
Other... Spain
April 17th, 2008  
Russia just cause
August 20th, 2008  
Assuming we can only pick one other country, then I'll choose New Zealand

Because like so many other Australians, I have family there, just as I have Kiwi mates over here.... And I'm damned proud of both!

I can't think of any other sovereign nations who have such close links of history, culture and ethnicity than Australia and NZ.....
August 21st, 2008  
why be picky? why be chosey? it won't matter in the end because God will destroy all that there is. (sorry, but i am a bible thumpin christian...but hopefully i didn't sound too preachy)