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View Poll Results :What terrain features do you like the best?
Oceanside beach 2 18.18%
Lakeside beach 3 27.27%
Rivers 1 9.09%
Mountain woodlands 4 36.36%
Grasslands 0 0%
Desert 1 9.09%
Asphalt jungle (urban) 0 0%
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What's your favorite topography?
May 19th, 2005  
What's your favorite topography?
Woodland mountain. I've lived probably 95% of my whole 15.5 year life in the city - and I loathe it; but I'm sure I'll miss the pace of life when I leave.
May 19th, 2005  
New Zealand!

all of the options in close proximity
May 19th, 2005  
Molly Pitcher
Isn't pretty much everything in close proximity in New Zealand? :P
What's your favorite topography?
May 19th, 2005  
actually, I love living in suburbia and would love to continue to in the future.
May 20th, 2005  
Australian outback bush/desert. Red bull dust, mallee gums, flys, the sun. I love it for the wide open spaces. I spent a while shooting at Anna Creek Station last year and I loved it. That place is huge. 6 million acres (24,000 square KM) of bush, and nobody else around.

Isn't pretty much everything in close proximity in New Zealand?
We've got the exact oposite situation here, that's why all the Kiwis move to Australia.
May 20th, 2005  
The beaches in Cantabria (norther Spain). Kilometres of white sand with no tourists bothering you. And only tree minutes from my house.

Trengandín beach

Berria beach

May 29th, 2005  
I agree with Chewie we have the lot and no matter where you are its at worst only 4 hours away however I chose lakeside beach as the home in NZ is on a lake front and its great to wake up to.

It was a close run thing with desert though because we spend 4 months a year in in Arizona and I like it a lot as well although you do get sick of nothing but brown by the end of the stay.
May 30th, 2005  
What about a nice Lakeside beach in the mountain woodlands? Thats my paradise...
May 30th, 2005  
I'll take a good old hotter than hell mountain desert since thats were I live. But one day I wanna go to like the Amazon and live in a hut with natives, in the nude of course.