What's Your Favorite POW Movie?

February 15th, 2005  
Charge 7

Topic: What's Your Favorite POW Movie?

Per request in the Branch Specific movie thread, here's the what's your favorite POW thread.

While "The Great Escape" quickly comes to mind and is about a gnat's eyebrow from being first, I'll have to go with "Stalag 17". It has it all. Action, suspense, and a good deal of humor. You can't beat that.
February 15th, 2005  
I'm gonna have to say Stalag 17 also. With Bridge on the River Kwai a close second.
February 15th, 2005  
Harts War (Bruce Willis) would have it for me and comming in a very close second would be The Great Escape mainly for its all star cast of the time.
February 16th, 2005  
Stalag 17. I never get tired of it, especially because of Shultz.
February 19th, 2005  

Topic: Best POW movie

In order of preference:
The great escape
Bridge on the river Kwai
Stalag 17
Harts War.

Most hated, the reacent pacific themed ones like Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and the ridiculous one with a very healthy looking Keifer Sutherland in it.
February 20th, 2005  
The Bridge over the river Kwai is a real classic..
Who doesn't know the whistle tune from that one.....
February 20th, 2005  
Charge 7
Damn! You _would_ have to mention that! Now I can't get it out of my head _again_.
February 20th, 2005  
there's escape from sobibor (spelling) too
grey Zone (god that was depressing)

and would you count uprising? about the warsaw ghetto uprising?
February 21st, 2005  
Hart's War - Bruce Willis
Von Ryan's Express - Frank Sinatra
February 22nd, 2005  
Charge 7
None of the movies you listed are about POWs, Chewie, so none of them count. Those were all about the Holocaust either in the death camps or the Warsaw Ghetto. By "POW" we're expecting by definition a uniformed combatant taken prisoner by the opposing side.