What's your favorite military computer game??

What's your favorite military computer game??
August 27th, 2003  

Topic: What's your favorite military computer game??

What's your favorite military computer game??
For the realism: "Operation Flashpoint".
Realistic weapons effects and gameplay, and you climb your way from a private to a company commander.

For the fun: "Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat mod.."
Playing against 64 other human players, with MLRS and M109 is good stuff for a redleg like me! 8)

The fire is everything, the rest is nothing!
"War is hell" (A hell lot of fun.... )
Hm, I need some artillery smilies....
August 28th, 2003  
Hmm, to be honest I really like the old turn based stradegy games like Civ II and the internet downloadable "Wacht em Rhine", which lets you play as either Allies or German in a turned based battle scenario in The Ardeness offensive.

Flashpoint was kinda hard to control the one time i played it, but seemed accuarte as far as military went. I do very much like the new Delta Force: Black Hawk Down game though.
August 28th, 2003  
Day of Defeat mod for Half-Life or Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.
What's your favorite military computer game??
August 28th, 2003  
Mark Conley

Topic: Most liked military game?

well, for absolute realism... It was Red Storm Rising. i admit, it had hokey graphics..and it made you do the sonar operator, commander, and tactician jobs of a submarine...but boy life could get interesting when that torpedo came out of no where and the counter measures dont work and ....
December 1st, 2003  
Wolfensten: Enemy Territory becuase it is free and has quite a bit to offer for a free game. I also used to have fun playing Diplomacy and Panzer General is a classic.
December 2nd, 2003  
Wolfenstein is ok but i prefer Medal of Honor and most allies vs Axis on Gamespy, Vietnam is pretty good, and Call of Duty is excellant
December 17th, 2003  
Conflict Desert Storm Back to Baghdad
December 18th, 2003  
I love the Medal of Honour games for PS2 - I know its not computer - but close enough. I bought it quite a while after it came out and am still amazed at the graphics, especially at the opening scene - storming the beach at Normandy. At a quick glance, you can't tell it isn't Saving Private Ryan.

I am waiting until I finish this to get MOH: Rising Sun.

I also like SOCOM for PS2, mostly for the awesomely realistic control - in my opinion. And the headset is cool.
January 11th, 2004  
The Rainbow 6 series
January 12th, 2004  

Topic: Ok.so:

My all time favorit is Close Combat II: A bridge too far.
I also like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, IAF(FS).