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What's your favorite military computer game??
March 20th, 2004  
What's your favorite military computer game??
bf1942 is my most favorite game of all...i dont really like the MOH games because of their graphics...but for realism i like Americas Army cause its pretty realistic...but right now i love Bf1942 Desertcombat Mod!!!!!
March 27th, 2004  
These are the best shooters ever.....and i mean EVER!

1. Halo
2. Battlefield 1942 ( Desert Combat )
3. Americas Army
4. Operation Flashpoint, i have only played the DEMO and i LOVE it, go to download.com to find the single player demo.
5. Medal Of Honor ( Cant wait for Pacific Assault ! )
I love Halo, it has a story and its fun. Battlefield 1942, people think its unrealistic because you can get in anything you want. But hey, at least you have all the things that are involved ina battle. Tanks, jeeps, men, planes, artillery, flak, mounted stuff. blah blah...
April 9th, 2004  
1. HOI
2. Operation Flashpoint
3. BF1942 when I am wanting to have some quick fun....
What's your favorite military computer game??
April 11th, 2004  
Americas Army
Operation Flaspoint
April 12th, 2004  
Raider Girl
Im 15 and i know games... i love Metal of Honor: Front Line
April 14th, 2004  
Realism: Steel Beasts (tank game) its crappy graphics though

For fun: BF 1942, now its all BFV though
April 15th, 2004  

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1 Hearts of Iron (of course)
2 Europa Universalis I & II
3 Battlefield 1942
4 Victoria: an empire under the sun
5 Battlefield Vietnam
April 16th, 2004  
my favorite military game would have to be call of duty. that game totally rocks!!!! 8)
April 16th, 2004  

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Originally Posted by Thorin
2 Europa Universalis I & II
Well I can not believe I forgot these two awesome games, excellent choices by the way Thorin. 8)
April 16th, 2004  

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Ill have to add SPWW2 and SPMBT to my favorits. Great games.