Whats your favorite military book/novel?

Whats your favorite military book/novel?
August 27th, 2003  

Topic: Whats your favorite military book/novel?

Whats your favorite military book/novel?
Mine has gotta be The Hunt For Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger byRobin Moore. It rshows the true story behind the Special Force takdown of the Taliban, and really shows a parellel to the Green Berets of today with there Northern Allience conterparts, and the Vietnam era Green Berets with their Montagnard guys.
August 27th, 2003  
"Red Storm Rising" by Tom Clancy.
Or most books by Clancy.
They are extremely detailed and (frightingly) realistic.

But I have to admit that it's been a while since I have read any military books now... Just haven't found the time to start.

Maybe I should give "The Hunt For Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger" a chance now!?
August 28th, 2003  
Hey, i reccomend it. Robin Moore is openly bias toward unconventional warfare, and although I didnt agree with some of his own opinions thrown in, it's very factual and written in a fictional type mannor, so its got alot of action.
Whats your favorite military book/novel?
August 28th, 2003  
The Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'Brien, they are about the most realistic and detailed books I have ever read about the maritime war during the Napoleanic wars. Very well written and extremely enjoyable.
August 28th, 2003  
Mark Conley

Topic: My Favorite Book

my favorite Book? "The ten thousand" by Harold Coyle...read all his works since 'Team Yankee"
August 29th, 2003  
'About Face' by Col. David Hackworth
'Hazardous Duty' by " "
'The Price of Honor' by " "

The first two are nonfiction books, the first being the biography of his military life and the second of his post-military life. They offer an amazing perspective in the leadership and structure in the modern military. The third's a novel of his which is beautifully written and detailed.


'Rainbow Six'
'Without Remorse'
'The Teeth of the Tiger'
'The Bear and the Dragon'
'Clear and Present Danger'
'The Sum of All Fears'
All by Tom Clancy

'Parachute Infantry' By David Kenyon Webster, the memiors of a paratrooper in the 101st during WWII.

'Starship Troopers' by Robert A. Heinlein

'Blackhawk Down' by Mark Bowden

'We Were Soldiers Once...And Young' by Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and Joseph Galloway

'Delta Force' by Col. Charlie Beckwith

'Rogue Warrior' by Cmdr. Richard Marcinko and John Weissman

'Delivered From Evil: The Saga of World War II' by Robert Leckie

'King Rat' by James Clavell

Just to name a few...


Stupid self forgot about 'The Art of War'...
October 27th, 2003  
Definitely Band of Brothers and Wild Blue by Stephen Ambrose - both awesome books.
October 27th, 2003  
Band of Brothers was good, Im yet to read anything else from Ambrose though...
October 27th, 2003  
Wild Blue is about American bomber crews in WW2. I think Ambrose also wrote "Citizen Soldiers" or something similar to that, and it was good as well - I'm not sure that is the exact title.
November 7th, 2003  
we were soilders once and young

great book aslo

the killer angles and gods and generals

if anybody else has a good cival war book it would be nice if you could tell me about it

i tried reading hunt for red october by mr. tom C. i could only get thought he 2nd chapter BOARING!!!!