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March 10th, 2006  
And here is what I have for Conclead Carry...

1) North American Arms NAA-22LR Mini Revolver .22LR

2) Kel-tec P32 .32 Auto

3) Smith & Wesson Model 442 .38 Special

4) DDR Pistole M Makarov 9X18mm

5) Glock 23C .40 S&W

6) Beretta 92FS 9X19mm

7) Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-Spec. .45 ACP
March 12th, 2006  
I've got the same type of Remmy, Luis. Use it for duck hunting and if I need to wax a deer with a slug.

I've shot most of the firearms you've listed in your second to last post- the M4 is a joy to shoot. Can LEOs in your area get colt 9mm SMGs?
March 12th, 2006  
Yeah, but I think it's a waste of time. Why have something in 9mm when you can get it in 5.56.

If folks want a 9mm carbine. Get the Beretta CX4 Storm. It works off the Beretta M92 mags.

And those are just some of my firearms.
March 12th, 2006  
hmmm, lemme think about what I have...

numerous (about 5) 22 rifles.
12 guage 870, 3 inch
12 guage brownign, 3.5 "
20 guage browning gold
Savage .32
SW .357 mag
.25 automatic
.270 savage (deer rifle)
Several .22 pistols.

all I can think of off hand
March 15th, 2006  

My toys

More of my toys
March 26th, 2006  
can I live at your house? I hunt, fish, work, and sometimes even know what utensil to use and when
March 27th, 2006  
Christ almighty Luis..... aren't you afraid that if a burglar hits your house you'll be defeated by indecisiveness? You be looking at your cabinet wondering with which gun you'll shoot him.... and that would take a while by the look of it!

P.s. How many hands do you have?
August 2nd, 2009  
Shin Davis
I'd prefer a .50 cal. Anti-Materia Rifle (or short AMR). it can penetrate tank armor like butter XD
August 19th, 2009  
The good and old M240

August 26th, 2009  
Originally Posted by Boscorelli
The good and old M240
It looks slighty different to the Gimpy I was issued, scope aside. Mine didnt have the cover over the barrel or the item fitted to the right of the barrel, the flash hider looks different too.

Brilliant gun.

Another gun I am very fond of is the BREN, sadly the ones we had in 303 and 7.62 were war time manufacture 1943 Mk3 and badly worn