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Shotgun 5 5.49%
Rifle 43 47.25%
Pistol 10 10.99%
Strictly Military Hardware (GLs, MGs, ARs, etc) 31 34.07%
Zip Guns 2 2.20%
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October 16th, 2004  
The Other Guy
Originally Posted by Redneck
This topic disappeared about a week ago and the magic of the internet created another one just like it but without any replies and without the poll options. Then this morning this one reappeared out of the blue.
How interesting... My computer did that a month ago with half of my word processor files...
October 16th, 2004  
hmm does a rail gun count? or is that sorta 2 big. he he 4 km/s .
l96 or l98a1 cadet GP
smith and wessen .500 calibre magnum , most powerful handgun in the world.
October 18th, 2004  
Winchester Model 700/ M40.
Heckler and Koch Mark 23 Mod. 0 .45 ACP SpecialOperationsCOMmand pistol.
Heckler and Koch G-36 5.56x45mm SS109 NATO/.223 Remmington.
October 18th, 2004  
Personal fav: C7A1 Assault Rifle

I've only fired it once in Cadets when I was 12, and it's also going to be my standard firearm for the next 4 years (after this year).
October 18th, 2004  
Originally Posted by DutchGreenBeret

Diemaco C8CT

Looks suspiciously like a shortened M16 SPR varient.
October 19th, 2004  
silent driller
To me, there is no new a$$hole more satisfyingly ripped than that ripped by a 12 guage shotgun slug! If there was a shotgun smilie in here, I'd use it now! Wait a moment...

...Aw Damn it all! Can't seem to put up anything other than stuff from this site! BBCode my ass!
October 22nd, 2004  
I like rifles, and military rifles mostly.
October 23rd, 2004  
The Other Guy
my Personal fav is the British Sterling SMG.
October 24th, 2004  
I tryed the AK-74 as a kid, and im in love
October 25th, 2004  
I like high powered bolt action rifles. My ideal rifle must have at least a 6X-24X-44mm Ballistic Plex scope. The rifle’s precision should be sub-MOA out to 600 yards. I want the rifle chambered in something that creates a big permanent cavity . The .30-06 150gr Softpoint is very nice indeed .