Whats up with this world?????

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November 25th, 2004  

Topic: Whats up with this world?????

Ok lets get started, I ain't a person to get all grudgy about politics etc but I just like to point out one thing.....................

When I was in gulf last year it seemed unnessecary for certain things to happen that this war now has turned into a thing of greed and power from the USA and UK side.

To be blunt.........war is over two things.....Greed or religion and its as basic as that. No need for long speeches full of BS. Take the UK, which was originally a prodistant country (can't spell) so henry 8th put a ban on certain catholic rules etc this lead on through elizabeth 1st who killed mary queen of scots for the right to not be over thrown which then leads to James 1st, who wouldn't undo the law restraining catholics that elizabeth 1st layed down and look where that got him? Bonfire night celebrates that......................So its safe to say that something that happened 500 yrs ago still causes trouble just look at N.Ire.

You think the world would learn by now? so why have they no? I blame leaders and rulers of countries, they have the power to change things for the good, so why don't they?
November 25th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Wars break out for various reasons.
Greed is usually the biggest reason.
Religion is also a reason.
Here it was about Religion and the US and UK thought it was defending themselves. On Afghanistan they were right. On Iraq, they were wrong.
November 25th, 2004  
More and more countries are backing out of the Kyoto protocol and the ones that are in it aren't reaching their goals within it.
November 26th, 2004  
Your question is rather badly worded, could you please change it to read better?

Anyway, you might be wrong about that self-defense statement about Iraq, redneck. Iraqi forces seem to have found chemical weapons in al-Fallujah. http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/meast/...ain/index.html
November 26th, 2004  
the north pole is what is up with the world

religion is easily highjacked by fanatics who twist and warp it to suit thier objectives. lets face it, its all about interpretation, so you cna take almost any religion and make it mean anything
November 28th, 2004  
War breaks out over and over because it is just in our nature, life isn't pretty and we can't all get along. It's sad but some things cannot be compromised, there are things that groups of people need or hold close to their hearts and also end up being all or nothing situations. Land, fuel, food, water. These all seem like stupid reasons to go to war over to the modern western thinkers, but at some time in history and to this day in some parts of the world your people had/have to fight for these things or go extinct. It's sad but no matter what happens there will simply never be enough to go around for everyone, so that addresses the issue of wars started over "greed".

When two different peoples who have contradictory religious beliefs come into a situation where there must be a compromise (usually having to deal with matters of land), they are likely to oust or kill off the other rather than live side by side. Why? Well, this brings us back to the whole "Averous" or "Greed War" arguement. If there are limited resources on a certain ground, religion may give these two sides a sense of self-justification for going all out on each other. This all helps man cope with the fact that as vain as he is to believe he is above the law of nature, he too is an animal that must fight for limited resources. We often tend to disgust ourselves with our own nature, and the enviroment around us, but we must remember that wars always end, peace always has it's stay for a little while, and we have rest until someone, once again, tries to take what belongs to us.

Now, I do not believe that Iraq was started as an "Averous War", but instead one operation in many to bring eventual stability to a region that has basicly been crazy since the end of WWI. Lack of stability leads to lack of resources, which leads to craven citizens who wish to take the lives, lands, and resources of others. Eliminating the instability in the region will stabilize the mental health of the population and decrease any urge to attack foriegners or their own kin for that matter.

Sorry to have drained all emotion from history and left an empty shell. However, as was already said, everything depends on the context.
December 1st, 2004  
War has always been over greed and religion. The crusades. Need I say more. Religious cover story, greed based undertones. How come the Templar Knights were so freakin rich, the spoils of religious war.