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August 1st, 2004  
Growing Old

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Hello. I've been coming here for a couple of months enjoying the jokes, and passing them on to people in my online gaming clan. They also enjoyed them. Not much ta tell ya. I was in combo in Army-mainly Artillery, but spent time in Armor Cava and regular infantry. Started in 31KA MOS. Now a days, spend most of the time(when not working my butt off) playing online games mostly Battlefield 1942, and mods that go with it(It's a fun game-tries to be realalistic as possible about fighting in some of history's biggest battles of WWII). Anybody that's interested-I can be reached at www.lancombat.com. Not really that old-40yrs. But Growing Old is my BAFF42 name that I fight under. Now, that I'm registered here. I will look forward to reading posts/posting myself/just catching up on things.
August 2nd, 2004  
Good Evening, Sir. Welcome to the forums! I am glad you have so far liked what military-quotes has to offer. enjoy!

Ok, so enough with the formality. It was fun tho! lol
August 2nd, 2004  
Sup sir Welcome aboard
August 2nd, 2004  
Welcome "old".

I'm a big Bf1942 fan myself, played Desert Combat and Silent Heroes a lot.
But it's been a while since I've played now, planning to buy BF vietnam soon.
August 2nd, 2004  
Welcome to the forum Growing Old. I feel your pain...I'm about to hit that pinnacle in life myself in a few days. The BIG 4-0. Enjoy and have fun here.
August 2nd, 2004  
Nice Website.. I especially like websites with small fonts and packed.. yet clear and striking.
August 2nd, 2004  
Airborne Eagle

I'm going to check out that game.

Is it comparable to any other type of game that I might know?
August 2nd, 2004  
August 3rd, 2004  
silent driller
How's it hangin' old guy? I myself am middle aged in comparison. I should be starting my midlife crisis soon
August 3rd, 2004  
All i can say about midlife crisis is to take it easy... and dun compare yourself with the 20 somethings. You feel very old and out of place if you try to act like one of the youngsters. You had your younger years (when the youngsters were just kids) and now it's time to be just a little older. An 'older' man, they call it.

And also getting slower in many areas of performance. just don't get upset about it.

I'm beginning to feel it too, though it's five years away. 8)