What's everyone's position (not rank) in their unit? - Page 8

April 18th, 2005  
I'm the Battalion Security NCO at Kaiser.
As well as the Platoon Sgt. for the first platoon, Bravo company.
And also the Battalion Armor in charge of all our weapons.
May 8th, 2005  
I am no longer C/CC. Then again, I no longer feel like I'm in my own squadron. I feel like someone else just took over my squadron. wait, they did.

No I don't want to talk about it.

Anyways, I'm C/DC now (thank GOD, i'm exhausted and need to start promoting again), but the C/CC is trying to talk me out of it and into something crazy that I would use nothing I have learned over the past year in, so that her bros and sisters will be happy.

Sorry, they don't know how to rol with the punches as well as they thing they do... and that bugs me... oh well, maybe I shall teach them.
September 26th, 2005  
Currently, I am just element leader. But if we get a few more females in the squadron, I will be a flight commander, with cadet reed as flight sergeant. She and I are the ones who are passing every test
September 26th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Sea_Cadet
I'm nothing except for a member of the Honour Guard.
Update, I am in the Honor Guard, Color Guard, I'm 1st squad leader, and the big one S3.
September 26th, 2005  
Well, my life as the first sgt has come to an end. I am now my Sq's PAO, which is in my opinion a boring position. I really miss NCO flight line positions now, and this whole officer thing seems a we bit boring. I really like being on my toes and stuff, it's so awesome to see the changes I helped make in peoples lives.

Anyways, I guess life will go on. I will be a cadet for another year and a half, then I'll go SM. I don't think I become a Col, maybe a Capt at the highest, which was my goal to begin with. But with college, personal life, and work, I find it hard to devote the time to CAP that I used too.
September 27th, 2005  
My position in my unit is hardcore 2nd year that actually stayed in the program...
November 7th, 2005  
squadron commander
November 7th, 2005  
Rob Henderson
I was recently promoted to Saber Team Deputy Commander. C/2Lt. Only first year officer in the group. GO ME!!
November 7th, 2005  
Well, I have now moved up,I am guidon bearer, adn when my flight sgt. and flight commander are away, I lead drill, with cadet reed as guidon bearer
November 28th, 2005  
c/NCOIC of Logistics and supplies
that means a black and metallic silver rope