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Soldier 15 50.00%
Airman 4 13.33%
Sailor 0 0%
Marine 3 10.00%
Police 1 3.33%
Fire fighter 1 3.33%
Paramedic 0 0%
Teacher 3 10.00%
Doctor 1 3.33%
Nurse 2 6.67%
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March 22nd, 2009  
A Can of Man
Man... ain't that the truth?
You can get penalties for knocking over something at a shop but if you f*ck up the entire global economy you get more money than most people will see in ten lifetimes.
March 23rd, 2009  
Arizona Love
I am currently a flight medic and I love it. But I am planning on having the Army pay for medical school so I can become a doctor.
March 23rd, 2009  
The best, most rewarding job I've ever done was bing a MOMMA.

Otherwise, I love doing jobs that are a support role type of thing.
April 29th, 2009  
Originally Posted by tomtom22
Being retired and not worrying about a job!
LOL, wish i was there...but am not...until then besides, being a good momma to my kiddo's, teaching is definetly my calling...i love the fact, that i have the power to brighten a little one's life its ultimately, rewarding knowing that the Creator of this Universe gifted me with the capabilities in helping and teaching children
April 29th, 2009  
I'm guessing I voted teacher (I don't remember when I voted), but my ultimate job would be staying home to raise my 5 (or more) kids.

By far the best job ever.
May 2nd, 2009  
Del Boy
Best was my own long term profession , antique dealing, before bureaucracy took over and wrecked it.

Jumping into a fast car every morning and haring off to search for fine antiques amongst the trade shops, warehouses and auction rooms throughout the country. I liked always to be home every night to sleep. My vans would follow up within a few days and collect what I had bought.

Free as a bird, no-one to answer to but myself, and then came years when my sons would go off with me. I travelled great distances fast each day, but although I did travel USA when I could, I realised that doing the same would be impossible there because of the great distances between target areas.

My worst job, and I had a few of those, was digging deep drainage trenches to serve army barracks etc. After demob.

Or working night shift on a paraffin grinder, producing 1200 car pistons every night, for a pittance. After demob.

Hardest work was Merchant Navy, long hours, hard, and very fast pace, seven days a week, never a stand-in to fill in.

Army was different altogether, different world.
May 6th, 2009  
Out of the selection I choose teaching. This is what I do and love best! The shittiest ever must be in a paint factory where I worked. No blue collar for me ever again. Soldier is what I wanted to be but the older I get the more I find out that I have an authority problem. Especially when someone wants me to do something for some unknown reason and won't tell me. But that must be the perogative of being a civvie
May 17th, 2009  
i first want to be a soldier or a marine and then become a cop
May 17th, 2009  
Chief Bones

Topic: MY ultimate job ...........

Where's other as a choice??????

I already tried, Soldier, Sailor, Policeman and Fire Fighter and am NOT interested in any of the other choices. My choice would have been "Other - describe in a comments".

Personally - I'd love to have a job where I can test computer programs at home, fill out a recommendation listing improvements and submit it to the programmers/company and then move on to another program. That is a job that I could spend all day at, without a complaint.

is MY ultimate job.
May 17th, 2009  
major liability
I must revise my answer: I want to be an executive at a failing bank who gets huge bonuses of tax money. They seem to have life all figured out by the looks of things.