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Soldier 15 50.00%
Airman 4 13.33%
Sailor 0 0%
Marine 3 10.00%
Police 1 3.33%
Fire fighter 1 3.33%
Paramedic 0 0%
Teacher 3 10.00%
Doctor 1 3.33%
Nurse 2 6.67%
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January 1st, 2008  
marine or combat medic
January 4th, 2008  
major liability
Being an armorer would be pretty sweet. I love learning about firearms, how they work, how to work them, and also just practicing my marksmanship.

Building, maintaining, and tinkering with all sorts of police weapons for a living sounds nice to me.

Learning level design for video games would be great as well, it'd give me a chance to bring the little worlds floating around in my head to the players. Having played video games for about 13 years of my life I'm confident in my ideas.
January 7th, 2008  
Hoping to be a firefighter.
January 7th, 2008  
Pale Rider
To be the U.S President and take of some additional business that needs attending to.
January 18th, 2008  
Co-own and operate a vet clinic with my brother... wait, that's the plan.
January 26th, 2008  
Infantry soldier was, but it didn't really allow me enough time to spend doing my #1 passion, which was training/showing/riding horses....

So now I'm a weather girl, haha. And no, not on TV- just for current conditions in my area, that get posted on the net, and TV and such....but my DREAM would be to own a huge stable, with heated indoor riding arena, and train horses and give lessons
March 14th, 2009  
Being paid to travel to different countries and maybe to write about what I see.
March 17th, 2009  
Testing beds. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or a taste tester for Guiness or if I were 40 years younger and had the energy, a professional gigolo
March 21st, 2009  
Being retired and not worrying about a job!
March 21st, 2009  
CEO of AIG ..........I can fail and make bank. Boooyah