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November 3rd, 2005  
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Basically it could not have gone on much longer when you look at the advances made in weapons by the Northern States during this time. just how would the south stand up to the Cannons, and some of the biggest for this period of history, the Gatling gun, The Winchester Rifle. I am not being rude but the South would have torn apart by the fire power that the Northern States were rapidly building up. Much of the Souths weaponry was no where near the quality or as modern as that of its opponent in the north
The only thing I remember from my early days of learning covering the Civil War, and it is a rather basic principle, is this.

During the Civil War there were three categories: population, manufacturing, and leadership. The north's population was more than double that of the south's, the number of factories in the north were far greater than those in the south and 90% of the nation's railway lines were in the north. The North therefore had control of two categories, population and manufacting. The South however had far better leadership, General Lee was Lincoln's first choice as commander of the Union army, but he "knew that Virginia wouls never allow him to come home if he fought against them." and he chose the loyalty to his state over that of his nation.

Also, when I say the South I usually refer to Virginia, IMO if Virginia does not secede the war truly is over in weeks or months. Think about it, the greatest generals for the South came from Virginia, the Merrimack (renamed CSS Virginia) was taken when the Union soldiers tried to burn the ships in port before fleeing to the north. The Capitol of the CSA, Richmond, was in Virginia. VMI is in Virginia, Lee was born and raised in Virginia, I believe it was the most populace state of the CSA with the most men in uniform (perhaps Texas or Georgia had larger population?) and most of the factories of the south were in Virginia.

Anyways, that's just my rant for this evening, if this makes no sense please keep in mind that it is 2am and I might be a little tired and drowsy while typing this.