What would u do with 10 million dollars?

What would u do with 10 million dollars?
March 8th, 2004  

Topic: What would u do with 10 million dollars?

What would u do with 10 million dollars?
Id buy a house, car, go college, and retire.

The reason i didnt ask "What would u do with a million dollars?" is cause the most u can do with a million in southern california is buy a three bedroom house. kinda sad huh?
March 8th, 2004  
Give it to those who had none.
March 8th, 2004  
The college thing I've done, paid for...BS in Business Management. Read this post and you'll understand hahahaha. Home is taken care of, as well as a car. Combined, my g/f and I have enough to live very, very comfortably, so I wouldn't actually blow more than $1m. But here we go...

I'd take around $5,000,000 and invest it in different mutual funds, stocks, securities and such. My current stock broker would like that lemmie tell you now.....

$2m goes to my church and to my CAP unit. 1.5 for church, 500,000 for CAP.

$1m goes to buying/ starting a few businesses with high returns (car washes, storage bldgs, oil change places, and real estate), and buying property in different locations.

Around $1m to sit in a 10 year CD or Swiss savings account for emergencies.

$1m goes to a checking account ensuring that we're never in debt for the rest of our lives.

$1m goes to :2 houses (one home and a vacation place on my g/f's 40 acres 65 miles away from our current home)
A little goes into making the Mustang at least 500hp
A truck for me- Ford or Dodge, new or used...Doesn't matter to me
His and hers Mercedes for my g/f and I (S class for her, E class for me)
Possibly a Porsche 911 Turbo
A few guns

With $10m, if you play it right, you'd never have to "work" a day in your life, and the interest compounded off that savings account would allow anyone to live very nicely. Plus, the $5m in the right places in the market would skyrocket.
What would u do with 10 million dollars?
March 8th, 2004  
I'd still make the Army a career, just be the richest dang 2nd Lieutenant in history.
March 8th, 2004  
Haha I know exactly what you mean about houses in Southern CA.

I would invest. Might be being greedy but I prefer to think of it as helping the economy lol. I also would give to select charities and organizations (like the NRA and war victim funds I suppose).

And of course I would buy GUNS!!! i'm saving up for a .22 (dad says i should start with that) so anyone who wants to donate 10 million bucks, feel free.
March 8th, 2004  
Ha! If i had 10 million dollars i would go insain. Then i would stick it all in savings and live of the interest.
March 8th, 2004  
$1 Million to my church stick enough in the bank for paying off college, cars, house, and wedding. The rest would go to charity. I have no need to hold onto that much money.
March 8th, 2004  

Topic: OK

Like this, first of all that is 45,000,000 New Israeli Shekels!!!!

0.5 million-Charity-Children funds, my civil guard(we nead some gear...).

2 million just sit in the bank making intrest.
2 million in very safe stocks(no need to be greedy!!!)

1 million-my house in Israel and a car in Israel(BMW)
2 million-house and car in the USA(in a rural area with some peace and quiet)
0.5 million dollars- some things I need to do- My education up to Dr in history. My Flying lessons. My guns! lots of them!.
1 million -My really fency private plane(piston)

1 million- my family!
March 8th, 2004  
I'd put most of it in savings and live off the interest (Once I retire from the Army that is). Then I would donate my Army Retirement $$$ to chairity. I'd probably buy a new ranch, maybe a 1,000 acre spread. Nothing too big.
March 8th, 2004  
Mark Conley
Well..I would defitnetly die from exhaustion:

1 million to charity
5 million to savings
4 million in checking
My regards to the first 1000 thousand dollar a night call girls I could find ( Like I said, Exhaustion)