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India-Pakistan. 4 26.67%
N. Korea-S. Korea. 1 6.67%
US-Russia 1 6.67%
US-China 4 26.67%
US-European Union. 0 0%
Israel-Arab Middle East (includes Egypt, Iraq, Iran) 2 13.33%
NATO-Russia 0 0%
Other. Please Specify. 3 20.00%
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What will be the first nuclear war?
July 15th, 2004  
What will be the first nuclear war?
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Keep your nation flaming to your self. And try to keep serious.
Hmm.. serious guy
July 15th, 2004  
Do not agravate me, HERO. The Red colour is when I mean buissness, otherwise Im a nice guy.
July 16th, 2004  
Nobody wins in a nuclear exchange, both countries will be obliterated (unless it is limited use of nukes, like maybe 20 total) and the whole world will feel it, an exchange involving the US will for sure end the world, unless things change alot in the next 20 years, because we will not launch a nuke unless attacked first, we have the most powerful Army in the world, with our carriers we could use conventional weapons anywhere in the world to get our point across, we don't need to use nukes, unlike Russian, China, Korea, India, or Pakistan, we have the offensive capabilities to hit any point in the world with conventional weapons in less than 48 hours.
What will be the first nuclear war?
July 16th, 2004  
Lil Hulk 1988

Topic: Don't you mean the second....

WWII was actually the first Nuclear War, just because there was not an "exchange" of nuclear weapons does not mean that Japan didn't feel the radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Now for the second, it will probably be a small "terrorist" nuke, since modern nations are not that ignorant, including North Korea.
July 29th, 2004  
silent driller
I'd say we were pretty much at peace with the Rooskies, but India and Pakistan hate each other's guts