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October 14th, 2004  
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Maybe it's just my opinion but; I only really see women listening to this shit. I'm 15 ya know, i'm in this "hip-hop era" thing, I f***ing hate it. The only music I like is ROCK AND ROLL... metal etc.. I agree with GODoFthunder, all you need for rap is god damn good beat in the back with some shitty rhymin' words... I know I don't need to swear to prove my point but I HATE RAP. and like some of you said, if I ever had the chance, i'd beat the living shit out of marshall... i'd beat his legs with a baseball bat punch the h**l outta his face till you couldnt recognize him, cut out his kidney and leave him there....

Sry - I hate rap
Jeez relaxe, you sound like you have some serious issues man.


Sorry, took it overboard.

I'm just a strong hater of rap, plain and simple... Sorry again.