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Well trained, well equiped soldiers. Hard to fault. 7 36.84%
Good soldiers, do the job without too much fuss 7 36.84%
Fairly average, needs improvement 2 10.53%
Not yet competant 2 10.53%
A bunch of drunks 1 5.26%
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January 8th, 2005  
Yeah nick i was thinking of moving out that way for a year or so.........got family in adelaide so got free accomodation lol.
Hey I'm from Adelaide, great place it is. Looking outside and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Being a Brit you'll have no trouble getting in/getting a job.

Actually scrap the good things I just said about Adelaide's weather. 40 degrees C outside yesterday, strong northerly winds blowing in off the desert, big bushfires and 9 people dead today... maybe come here when it's not fire season.