What the Soldiers have to say

January 18th, 2006  

Topic: What the Soldiers have to say

During my own work experience, I have found that there is what happened/is happening, and what the media says happened/is happening. They don't spend much time reporting things like this:
Wonderful statement about how political agendas rarely deal with the truth.

If you want to know what Soldiers are thinking about, and what is really going on, you need to read what they say. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. I will always give far more weight to what a dirty dogface says as opposed to what some 6 figure a year empty head with a microphone wants me to hear.

I suggest that in this wonderful world of the internet, that you take some time reading what the guys "over there" have to say.
January 18th, 2006  
A really good blog that I have enjoyed, even while deployed to the same country is:

365 and a wakeup

He is a young officer with an innate ability to turn words into visuals. Anyone who has been to Iraq will probably be able to relate to much of what he writes and for those that haven't been I think he can give you a good idea of what things were like for his guys.