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October 8th, 2004  

Yesterday! All my troubles seemed so far away.

I did my medical and fitness for full time army. Travelled for 5hours and stayed over night. Came sevent in my fitness test but could not pass my peak flow because asthma as a young lad has defected me.

Never cried so much.

The worst was the trip home for 5hours.

And the doctor trying to consoul me.
October 8th, 2004  
Originally Posted by CMA2
After coming home from the Nam and hearing the crap that some Navy officer was spoutin about killin babies and innocents and committing other war crimes.......

Actually lost a job because I was a Viet-Vet..........

Wish he was in my unit so I could "frag'em"
heehee. Let me guess who this is. I am sorry what happened to you Nam vets when you got home. As for me, I have had some sad moments in my life but I believe I have yet to experience my saddest moment.
October 9th, 2004  
Originally Posted by BookReader
My saddest moment was when my father rejected me.
That is rough man... My girlfriend had the same thing happen to her.

I'd say the saddest day in my life was when my mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis... Or when my dad almost killed himself. (he's a nam' vet... post-dramatic stress and all). He's never been the same...
October 10th, 2004  
Well I hope and pray that we can all get over or at least deal with our collective problems and that we can find some sort of peace from sharing our reppective problems
October 11th, 2004  
scariest today was finding out about my little brother...

J.Michael was ridin too fast on the four-wheeler, hit a ditch, and if it weren't for a helmet, would be dead. Basically, he flew through the air, with his head dragging for 8 feet, then the 4-wheeler fell on top of him, crushing his femur in quite a few places. Tomorrow morning he's having surgery to have a metal rod put in and will be out of school for 6 weeks and stuff

yes, gettin the call saying, we need you to come home, he's been in a 4 wheeler accident isn't fun.