What presents have you bought/gave this year?

December 27th, 2004  

Topic: What presents have you bought/gave this year?

Hi there

1. My kid brother-a big LEGO castle and Yugi-Oh game/card set.
2. My kid sister-Barbie house and slippers in the form of a cat.
3. My g/f- a bottle of Bailey's liquor, a fluffy toy and some underwear.

The rest were largely symbolic.
December 27th, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
I gave my sister a ten dollar gift card to Starbucks. And a hand made cross, and chocolate to a girl at my school. Helped to pay for some stuff for my parentals as well.
December 27th, 2004  
My list is very long not gonna mention the presents, this is who:
My 3 kids, Wife
My dad, his wife and my 2 sisters. One of my sisters is married with 3 kids, so her, her husband, and the 3 kids in.
My grandma. Wife's family, her mom, dad, sister with one kid, another sister with one kid, another sister, 2 brothers, her 2 grandmothers, 3 aunts, uncle, his wife, their 2 sons, one has a kid, another cousin and her kid. Friends which adds up to 8 people with 7 kids and then we sent packages over seas to a friend of ours in USAF stationed in Germany and a package to friend of mine, USMC 03 in Iraq. I am pretty sure missed some but that is a general list. Mailed 10 packages total.
December 27th, 2004  
rotc boy
i bought my girlfriend a hat that says
"kiss me, im a pirate"
December 27th, 2004  
I was gonna buy my girlfriend one of the USMC rings on here, but she demanded I not get her anything.
December 27th, 2004  
Geesh, there is practically no way to list the gifts I gave. It was a good Christmas though...
December 28th, 2004  
Nothing yet I don't get my paycheck till tomorrow