What is this? - Page 2

July 13th, 2009  
It is...a serious waste of chrome!
July 14th, 2009  
"Tanks," guys!

If you're ever interested in what's going on in the dance music scene around the Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and Richmond, VA, areas, stop by my adopted home forum, the Buzzlife Message Board! Same posting name and err'thing!

You're the man, Sherman!

In partial payment, I leave you a lolcat.
July 19th, 2009  
That's a mean looking kitty!
August 2nd, 2009  
Hi I'm Bruno (movie was very homo oriented)
November 26th, 2009  
uh..i want to say a German homosexual that digs BDSM riding a tank's turret.. But more importantly..why is the tank crystal, and why are the girls behind it carrying golden rifles? o.O