What is the Mystery Urban Legends of Hotel 33

April 28th, 2013  

Topic: What is the Mystery Urban Legends of Hotel 33

I have heard about a haunted place named Hotel33 in williamsport PA. Many of my friends are talking about it. Is that a true story or a fake?
If anybody know about it please let me inform plzzzzzzzzzz...
Below are its web and social site link:

And the story i heard about it is as below:

The Haunted Hotel 32- A Great Mystery of All The Time
Science and technology have progressed much and it has proved all the hidden reasons of the mysterious events of the past. In the present days, there may not be found anyone who believes in things like paranormal activities. These supernatural activities are not considered as mysteries because the tricks and hidden factors have been revealed by the modern and advanced technology. But, is it possible to disappear 32 people over a single night? Can you believe that 32 people can be vanished in a short course of time? You may think that this cannot be occurred in real life. But, the city named Williamsport has experienced this shocking event that is considered as the most terrifying experience of this city people.
It was about the year of 1953, when the shocking event took place in a Grand hotel. It was the event of the opening ceremony of a grand hotel. For attending the night party, there were about 32 guests including the staff members. After the end of the night, the police department got a call that made them totally shocked. The phone call informed that all the 32 people who were present in the ceremony were vanished after the night. An investigation department was formed to gather the clues and findings of those people. The police department made a methodical investigation but they had become failed for not finding any sort of clue in the case. The city people were very astonished because of the event. The case was closed by the department of police of Williamsport. The haunted hotel was then closed because of that unnatural event. Everyone started to forget the event with the passage of years.
But, this haunted hotel showed another terrifying event in the year of 1993. A famous real estate personnel reopened the hotel as a haunted hotel for making huge profits from the tourists and foreigners. There were some local curious people who had a great desire to pass a night in that grand hotel. Three local students were very much curious about the haunted hotel and they decided to pass a night in that hotel. After passing the night, one of those boys named Jacob Carr was found missing. So, this event made the city people terrified again. The head of the Detective Department got the case. But, he faced an unnatural death while asking the other two boys. So, the haunted hotel was burnt down and was closed forever. The event remained in the minds of the city people as a dreadful mystery.

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